Friday, August 2, 2013


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Today was such a looooooong long day.

#1 it was boiling hot and I had errands to run. I typically wait for an order to come in before I do an errand run. I figure it's just smarter to plan the day around a mail drop off. I also wanted to go to Wal Mart to return a couple shirts I ended up not liking and...

#2 It's Friday. Being a mom and running around trying to get things done and multi-tasking 100 things all-at-once-all-the-time (lawn stuff, baby, dog, getting the house in order for guests, between meal times and cooking and cleaning up messes.. OY!!! lol)... I totally forgot what day of the week it was. So when we dropped off packages and I pulled into Wal Mart, I was already as sweaty as a sumo wrestler after an endless competition, and the parking lot was the busiest I had ever seen it. I was like okay, screw this. We'll come another day. A day when everyone isn't running to Wal Mart to stock up for the zombie apocalypse. A day that isn't the dreaded, cursed Friday.

#3 Cam has been SO So so so SOOOO so so crabby today! She did not have much of a first nap today, like barely an hour. And I know she's been cranky for that reason alone. She's just tired. Hell, I'm exhausted, too. But I refused to let us cave and sleep for a round 2 nap... that would just be bad news bears. It would mean we would both be up forever. So, she has been very irritated, crabby, and very vocal with me today. When I mean vocal, I mean ear shattering screechy. She is just shrieking up a storm. Lol. Sigh.

So, those are just a few reasons why I'm dead tired. But I think the past week and with Josh being gone, it's been adding up a little bit daily. I've been doing everything I normally do plus the stuff Josh does, so it's definitely draining and wearing on me a bit. But we'll manage. Getting Cam to sleep early the past few days has been a massive help, so much that I don't even mind waking up like clock work every morning at 9-9:30 a.m. Yeah it sucks that I don't get to sleep in when Josh is gone (haha) and there a hundred other reasons why him being gone suuuuuuuuuuckkksss, but it's okay. This is temporary. My tiredness will soon go away... eventually... lol.

On a huge plus, Cam is ready for bed so... THANK ZEUS!

Another plus, I got a couple cute plants today when we went to Lowe's. Now let's all join hands and chant powerful other-worldly incantations to help protect them from my ability to kill plants. Haha.

Did I mention I'm exhausted? I think I'm going to go tuck us into bed now!!

P.s. last night while watering the lawn, I saw a neighbor walk by and they were walking... a DOBERMAN!!! I was like HEY I HAVE ONE TOO!! Haha. It was pretty funny, mostly because I am such a dork.

Oh cutie Cam! Obsessed with gadgets and plugs haha.

Desoto probably judging the mow job.

Mmmm homemade meatballs!

                                                Desoto is a sweetie and shares his  space haha.

Lol! She seemed to like the spaghetti.
However, I didn't like the mess! Lol.
This is what happens when you give the last tiniest barely-a-bite of yogurt to the dog instead of the baby. Sorry Cam!

LOL!!!!!!!! I don't think she appreciated his presence.

                                              No need to look so concerned, Desoto!

Seriously Ma, get him out of here! NO BOYS ALLOWED! I'm indecent!
That is NOT his toy. He is very very guilty here, and he knows better.

                                    Awwww she loves that blankie Grandma Sue!

I think she spies on the neighbors more than Desoto does...

Good night everyone!


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