Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chef Mickey's!!!

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The other day we had lunch at Chef Mickey's which was awesome, because the character interactions there were GREAT! Worth the trip to the Contemporary Resort (and so was the Arcade we rambled about in until our reservation time). 

Anyway, it was amazing because we dined as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters made their rounds. Cam looooved it! She especially loved Mickey and Minnie and surprisingly, Donald, and was really shy with Goofy. She played a ton of Peek a boo with Pluto! Lol.


OH hi Minnie!!

Oh my God, mom, dad, it's Minnie Mouse! Or "Mimmie" as she says lol.

Awwww!!! That right there is priceless.

Alice looks happy now but she gets terrified after about 10 seconds! LOL.
Donald snuck up on Cam! What a goof!

She reached out for him! Lol.

MICKEY!!!!! Mickey hugs are the best hugs.

Oh my God, Daddy that's Goofy, he's huge! LOL.




Peek a boo Pluto!

She had so so so much fun!

Waving at Donald!

She got his attention!! See, this is why I love Disney. They really go out of their way to make you feel like you are special guests, and they will bend over backward to make you and your kids happy and smile. :)  More on that later...

I've got tears. We're having such an amazing time, and the girls too, Josh proclaimed Disney World will be an annual thing, haha! YES!!! Well, depending on schedules and stuff. The girls are going to have plenty more Disney in their future. :)


We also went to Epcot. 

It was GORGEOUS. Especially at night, oh my oh my!

Ate tacos in Mexico. SO FREAKING GOOD!

Saw Japan's drum ceremony!

Drank some Japanese beer. I was not a fan lol but Josh enjoyed his!

Can we just stay forever?!
We also found Cindrella's carriage at Hollywood Studios!! Yippee!!


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