Thursday, March 26, 2015

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood... and Wonderland...

Posted by ChristineElaine at 2:54 PM
Or rather, at the 1900 Park Fare breakfast!

The Grand Floridian that hosts this breakfast.. that resort is GORGEOUS. I felt like we were transported back to Edwardian London. Which was perfect, because Mary Poppins was there!

The characters at this breakfast were AMAZING. Particularly Alice and The Mad Hatter. They TRULY owned their roles! And they were such a delight with the kids!

Oh Tigger.
What the hell, where did you come from?

See Alice, Pooh Bear's not that bad. :)

Even Cam liked his charms!

Selfie with Pooh Bear! Lol.

I'm not convinced, mom.
Then Mary Poppins came around!
She was delightful. She asked if the girls were twins (oh, no, they're 1 year apart!)
To which she replied, "Oh! Sounds like you need a nanny. I'll check my schedule!"


Unsuspecting Alice lol.

What the!


Alice and Alice!!!!
Okay Dad I don't know about her...

Definitely one of my favorites!
She also mentioned the little white rabbit on her dress. :)

And she announced very loudly to the whole room that she "found the Cheshire Cat!"

Cam was way overripe for a nap lol.

But she very much enjoyed the Mad Hatter! And he was a HOOT!

I do not trust you and your overly large hat!

Well.. maybe he's not so bad.

You're alright, Mad Hatter!


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