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More Disney magic!

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 Rapunzel!!!!!! Rapunzel has really climbed her way up to my favorite princesses. Ariel will always be my favorite princess from my childhood, but there's something so fun and special about good ol' Punzy. For starters, she is a LOT more fun to interact with than some of the other characters because she is outgoing and isn't restricted to being dainty and formal. She's wacky, and fun, and she's got a dream! She's got a dream! Okay, I'll spare you from hearing me sing that song...

Ahem. PLUS she has Flynn, he's a cool dude.

Rapunzel at Disney World is no different. She's fun and spunky, and so down to earth, I could have cried with how joyful she was, and how great she was with Cam and Alice! Cam was reluctant to give up her Tangled book, but when she saw that Rapunzel was signing it for her, I could see her growing happiness, and I felt a bit bad thinking that Cam probably thought Rapunzel was going to read to her!

At the gift shop prior to meeting Cinderella and Rapunzel, Cam would *not* let go of the Sleeping Beauty book. She wanted it. She wanted it more than the two swords she'd been carrying around. It was silly, seeing a 2.5 year old in a Cinderella dress carrying around two swords and steering her away from (almost) whacking other people with them (couldn't help it... it was so funny), but she was drawn to the books, and Sleeping Beauty so much, that she plopped right down and started to read them.

How could we resist that? We bought Sleeping Beauty, Tangled, and Cinderella (the three princessy books that they had) thinking 'Hey, it would be really cool if we got these books signed!'

So we did!


And again, Rapunzel was sooooooo fun!
 She kept mentioning the ruffians, and Flynn, and Pascal!

Cam's really pondering whether or not she should give up her book. Should she?
And Alice is like, what the heck, what's going on?! Lol.


Josh and Rapunzel!! OooOoOo!! Lol.

Rapunzel's tower! It's funny that Josh spotted it first, and immediately freaked out!
Her Lanterns. <3
It's all so gorgeous!
Another tower shot. :) 

And let's talk about Cinderella's Royal Table... the hard-to-get amazing reservation with the princesses!

How was it? I thought it was fabulous! We ate inside Cinderella's castle, and it was gorgeous and atmospheric, and the princesses were so lovely! What's not to like? Josh's dessert was the infamous CLOCK striking midnight from Cinderella! Lol. Best. Thing. Ever.

As we walked up the staircase, I had major butterflies! To be honest, this whole trip was a dream come true for me. I've always wanted to go to Disney World. Josh is the best, he really is. <3

Gorgeous, no?

Our view from the castle. :)
Oh Cam and her love for grapes and cheese. :) (mostly grapes...)
Girls were busy coloring!

Snow White was first up. She was so sweet. <3 and Cam who seemed to get sleepier as she colored (lol d'oh!) was perplexed.
Mom, I don't know who Snow White is. LOL.
Can I go back to my grapes now, lady?
This was really good and I have absolutely no idea what the hell it was! Lol.
OMGGG. One of my favorite Alice pictures!!! OMGG.
Never mind her grouchy face lol. :D

Okay so confession time. I was really really really freaking out over what the girls would wear for this dinner reservation, while planning this trip out.
"They have to be in princess dresses!!!" My mind, my heart, and my soul screamed at me. We even made a trip 45 minutes away near Round Rock/Austin just to find the exact Cinderella dress for Cam. This reservation was a big deal. I wanted them to be wearing the perfect dresses lol.
It was worth it for so many reasons. Mainly because she LOVEDDDDDDD wearing it and she got so many compliments.
And for Alice? I agonized, literally agonized, over finding her Aurora dress. And the payoff was fantastic-- she looks damn adorable and got so many compliments and we were asked where we even found it! They did not carry this dress in any of the stores, how dare they! Lol.
I told the lady, it wasn't easy-- but I when I found it, I snatched it right up, and had it delivered to my house! (lol)
So here Alice is with gorgeous Princess Aurora!!!!
Isn't it so adorable how they're wearing the matching dresses? *sniffle* I may cry again.

This picture is priceless to me. :)

Cam's warming up to her. She was a very sweet Snow. :)

I had the salmon and Josh had the beef (something or other) salad.
Mine was delicious. So delicious. Josh wasn't happy with his, but I was like "who the hell orders a beef salad? Get one or the other! Not a combined weird creation!" Lol sorry.

This poor beef salad's feelings were hurt that day. Never forget.
CAM lol, resting her head on Jasmine. After poking her belly button.
Poor girly was like Okay is it nap time yet?

It's amusing how INTO it you get, though. When you see a princess coming out for the first time, it's like a celebrity sighting. You just go OH MY GOD, SHE'S COMING OVER! When me and Josh spotted Jasmine (we hadn't seen her at all yet) we were both utterly dazzled.

Infamous stroke of 12 dessert!

He loved his dessert at least!
Those wands were a big hit with the girls lol.
Aurora was freaking amazing.
Random suit of armor. Hello, suit of armor!

Alice was not having any of Rapunzel lol.

This is not like my mommy's tummy! Lol.
Eh no hugs, just bellybuttons, lady.
I'll give this weird stuff a whirl, Dad.
That's where we ate! Mmmm!

 Afterwards, Cam and Alice napped in the stroller while Josh and I walked around Magic Kingdom keeping cool, taking in the sights, the people watching, and drifting. Even walking around is fun. There's always something to look at and see.

And when Cam woke up, she was in a much perkier mood. :)

And thus concludes more tales from our adventures. :) Yay!


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