Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DISNEY IS COMING!!!! And so are pictures, yay!

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DISNEY IS THIS WEEK. How did it creep up on us so fast? I haven't even made a dent in the projects I wanted to work on for it... and I thought I'd have more time with Josh home, but I don't because all my free time is time spent with him. And time well spent! Lol.

Disney, Disney, Disney! Playing on the television, soundtracks in the car, humming and quoting 100% of everything that ever plays while cooking, cleaning, probably sleeping... I asked Josh if he would get sick of it before we even go on the trip! He said, "....Maybe afterwards!" LOL. Sorry but I am NOT sorry that Disney runs through my veins!!!! As I type this (at 2:40 am mind you.. it's okay, I napped at 9 PM lol) I am listening to Heaven's Light/Hellfire, and I'm worried Josh is going to walk in any second going... Why the hell are you up listening to creepy ass Frollo sing?! LOL. What can I say, I'm a sucker for villains.

So yes, we are all things Disney at the moment. Even breakfast!

But before I upload more pictures I would love to thank those that helped me out MAJORLY during this deployment. I really wouldn't have made it without Josh's parents (especially, since Sue came up for MONTHS to help), but also my family too. You helped in your own way and a special shout out to my mom and brother as well, for actually paying us a visit. But staying for months out of your own life and to be away from home for that long I know had to be tough in its own way..  so thank you Sue VERY VERY MUCH, from the bottom of our hearts. And Dennis too of course!! :) For spending Christmas, and helping out, and for the company. It was amazing and nice, and I don't think I could ever find a way of repaying for that. I can try though, right? With lots of pictures maybe? :)


VDAY!!! <3 <3

VDAY 2 lol.

                        Mmmm Alice's fingers. Great breakfast!

For the first time in fooooreeeever!

Mommy sure knows how to make a good fort! Lol.

I thought I could nap.. but then this thing sticks her feet in my face!

Dese are my toes, mom.

And this one is just plain spazzy!

Concert for Mickey and Minnie lol.

Monkey #2 AHHHHHHHHH!!! I am going to go white haired soon.

Push me sister!

                      Wait, sister, Where are you going?

Come on sister!
Oh. She left me!
Ma, the betrayal!!

Uh oh. Don't take her Minnie and Mickey lol.

                        Okay mom, I pack for Disney World.

            She doesn't know what to think about Bubble Tea lol.

Ma, are those.. homemade... donuts?

Cam set up her dolls, Snow White and Minnie, and proceeded to chat with them. It was SO CUTE.
Listen up guys, my mom says we're going to Disney World. Now I don't know what that is, but I think it means I can only take one toy and sorry Snow, but I choose Minnie. No hard feelings.

Mmm homemade pretzels!
                                     LOL oh Alice...

Is this how it works guys?
Me at age 4. Cam has my glare, ya think?

Look at her coloring in the bow. She's getting so good at coloring!!!

                                 PS IT SNOWED! "Snowed."

Eating peas... ONE AT A TIME. Dinners are awesome when they're 2 hours long!

Sis do you know how to drive?
DO YOU?!?!

Okay Dad get me outta here she's crazy!

                            CINDERELLA!!!! *sniffle sniffle*

And Snow White... protesting the dress lol.

Omg I love how poofy Cinderella's dress is!!!!


Our MagicBands arrived! And I went through super sloppy scribbled notes for our trip! Lol.

Awwww Alice baby! #TBT

E=Mc2, guys.

Valentines Day at the Blake's house! :)

Ma, I dunno about this thing...

So serious on VDAY, Al!


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