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Hallows Eve Fever!

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I'm so excited for Halloween!!! I'm stressin' just a teensy wee bit on the costume aspect of it, but having such a blast decorating the house. Or TRYING to decorate with what little time and energy I have. I get so worn out so quickly, and my freaking bladder is the most annoying thing EVER! It's seriously the worst thing about pregnancy! (Well, one of... so far I haven't gotten a case of the itchies SO PHEW) *knocks on wood*

Today we went out and picked a real dining room set! Haha! I'm super excited for our table to be delivered, which will be on Wednesday. I loooove the table. It's like a deep brown with cool table legs... er, not sure how to describe it haha, but it's just cool looking. And the chairs! I love them, too! They're not rickety and stupid like the ones we have now, but I shouldn't complain too much about that table and chair set since it was only $25 lol. I dunno, I guess I'm just excited for a real table, it'll be so cool for like Thanksgiving and Christmas and etc! Yay!

Oh can I talk about Halloween some more? Since I'm totally nutters for this Holiday... the most amazing Grandma Sue sent me an AWESOME birthday present! What did she send?!

COOKIES! Just kidding, but there were Josh's homecoming cookies that arrived as well (that I ummm... constantly help myself to by the way.... lol) she sent me the most awesome Halloween hanging! I LOVE IT!!! When I unwrapped it I literally gasped (Josh was right there, laughing at me the whole time) and I squealed when I saw the spider and the cobweb thread! It was just so NEAT! Lol. The pumpkin design is really something, too. I'm so excited to hang it up! I still hafta figure that out.. or get Josh to figure it out. Or maybe when we get the new table, the pumpkin and spider can grace it with its awesomeness! :)

Thank you soooo much Sue! You are fantastic! And so talented. :)

Isn't it sooo amazing?!?! Look at that Spider!
I LOVE IT!!!! Lol. It's so nice getting such a thoughtful present too, I mean, all the handiwork and stuff that goes into something like this. THANK YOU!!!!

Now I could go on and on and on about Halloween, or the things we've been doing... but I think just posting the pics can show all that good stuff! I'm sure nobody wants to read long dialogues of random stuff we do. Lol. Though there have been plenty of outings, and Cam silliness, and such! So... enjoy the photos, because I sure as heck do! Camilla is doing amazing, Josh is doing great as well! And me? I'm still truckin'! Lol. Well, I'm just fine and dandy in between bouts of tiredness and acid reflux (bleh!) 

Pic time, YAY!

Look who's eating pancit! With pumpkin Jack Skellington! HEEHEE!

                                                       Awww, fun with the Minions!

Lol!!! She totally LOVED that on her head! She reminded us of a nun, or some religious type person haha.
                                          Hey Dad, don't I look super cool and adorable?
                                   Lol awww. Here Dad, want to see my elephant toy?

Oh no! It's falling off, help Mom!
Lol she kept going back in the closet to get that curtain rod!

Isn't my shirt cute?! Lol. Josh thinks it's morbid, but I think it's cool! I keep getting compliments on it, so I sewed a bow on the baby head since people kept asking me what I was having haha.
                                                                Awww that face!

Ma, stop with the pictures! Kapeesh?!

Lol Cam's hard at work! She loves being inside Best Buy because of all the electronics hahaha.

She also loves the furniture store! For... obvious reasons. Lol.

Nose pickin' on Daddy, what an extreme lady! Lol.
                                      Mmmm penguins, a delicacy! Yay random couches! Lol.

Haha she had a blast with that mirror! Wow, I have a twin Ma! (oh geeze can you imagine TWO  Cammys running around?!)

Awww she loves Daddy.
This is what I think of your picture taking, Ma!
                                Hmmm I dunno mom and dad, I don't think it's pink enough.

Oh boy.

I think we found Cam's future bed! Haha! Oh my gosh  it was sooo cute.

This bed was cute too! It was like a bunk bed made to look like a little castle or whatever, and there was even a SLIDE attached! And a little window that Cam loved peering out of lol.
Hi Cam!!!
Okay get off my lawn mom and dad! I go sleeps now!
Oh Mom and Dad are still here... I guess you can come in.
Yep, package it up sales people. I'm taking this bed home with me!

                                                    Lol. Look at this little lamb!

Pick me up Ma!!!

Halloweeeeen! Yay!

Lol she is really into that skull decoration from Target.

HILARIOUS!!! She absolutely looooves getting into my pink shoes and clip clopping around the house! She knows how to put them on the "right way" and everything! It's so freaking adorable!!!

Josh thinks it's hilarious! I'm like oh boy, she's gonna be one of those girls that's always borrowing my shoes!

                                              Yep, I have to be stylish, too mommy!

                                  Those are some big shoes to fill, my sweet pea. :)

Someone is comfortable while I sneak off to make dinner lol.
She climbed in there ALL BY HERSELF. I was shocked. And freaking out!

Jack pre-painted. Josh is SUCH a Halloween grinch, he hasn't decorated a pumpkin yet!! GRRRR!!!!
Just wait til you see Cam's pumpkins. :)
Spooooky. And not even done decorating yet! Lol.
                                                                  Lol. Mmmm pancit!

Posing? Lol.

                                                     Cheesin' for the camera! Lol.

                                               Lol like the sign I posted on our house?!

Jack Skellington! What the hell is with the bird crap on our concrete?! I hate you, stupid birds!!! Lol.
What the hell is that? You're probably asking yourself. It's part of Cam's Halloween costume!
Ta da! Behold, the little mermaid! Lol. It's not done, but whatever!
I wanted something that popped out instead of the traditional "mermaid" costume that hung down like a long skirt with frills.
I think the biggest challenge will be keeping the Ariel hair on her head. Lol. She's scared of the wig!!!
And today I got so excited because I found a dress that would work for my costume.
But... what to do about all the Ursula tentacles. HMMM!

                                                     Geeze look at those HUGE eyes!!!!!!!

Oh. My. Word.

Ew no kisses Ma!

Lol posing with her fettucini?!

Meh, why drink when you can make a mess on the floor? ;)
                                       Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  sighhhhhhhhhh.

                                                              Lol. What a silly lady!

And a silly BOY! Haha. Sigh, Desoto.
Making Halloween treat hands. YAY! (Cam loved making a huge mess with all the candy!)
Omg lol. Look at that lady!


                         Pics from Josh's phone. Cam's streamer headband antics! Lol.

                                                         She loves that book lately!

She totally walked right up to the clothing rack, picked that out, and carried it off.

Suffice it to say, I guess she's a lady who knows what she likes!
           Lol me and Josh were laughing our butts off! Then she stopped to look at the shoes!

                                                       Hmmmm I dunno Dad...

Actually, this is just the right kind of pink! We'll take it, sales person!


Funny story: Tonight while we went back to pick a dining room set, a worker lady saw Josh and Cam and was like, "Wow! Now that girl is your twin!" LOL.
I wasn't there, but when he told me I laughed and was like YEP. True that.
And then he said that he told her, "Her mom is Filipino and doesn't look anything like her." LOL. Well that's good to know! Hahahah, so funny.

I wonder what baby #2 will look like!!!

Thanks for reading all about my silly adventures! Don't forget, Christmas is coming up and I got a lot on my wish list!
Hahahaha, oh Cam. You silly girl. :)

Family --- we love youu and miss you!!!

And Den and Sue, we are here for you 24/7 night and day 7 days a week if you at all need anything. Even if it's just someone to talk to. We love you so much, always and forever! :)

(sorry if this post seemed a bit rushed, it's 11:30 here and I'm WIPED! And there were so many photos to go through! Eeeesh!)

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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