Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lame internet problems, sigh.

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This post would've happened a lot sooner if our internet wouldn't keep cutting out! Soooo annoying! I wonder if it has anything to do with the recent storms, even though it hasn't stormed today. I was about ready to throw our wireless box out the window! But not really, haha. It was annoyingly windy today... which proved difficult in stringing up cobwebs in our entryway and front windows! Yay! I FINALLY found time to do that... just hope they stay there. I'm sure it looked quite odd to see a 7 month pregnant lady on a ladder cursing at a bunch of spiderwebs. Lol.

Hmmm news, as far as news go, not much is going on. Josh re-enlisted like a week or two ago I don't remember if I mentioned it. He got a nice little bonus for re-enlisting as a Master Gunner! Last week and this week is his gunnery thing so lots of in the field stuff. He won't be home on the weekend... sigh. And there is sudden drama where he (again) might not be home on Halloween. DOUBLE SIGH. It just sucks cause I've been stressing out on HIS costume stuff, but I don't wanna bother if he won't  be here ya know? Ugh it just sucks. If he's not here our theme won't be complete! So boohoo. I know I know, there are worse things that happen in the world and I should stop being a baby, but it's still disappointing. I love Halloween. :(

Cam is doing lovely! We had lunch with Laura yesterday and spent some time at her house and Cam and Bailey kind-of played. Well, Bailey would sometimes slap at Cam lol (much to Laura's annoyance) and Cam would try and take Bailey's sippy cup whenever she had one. It was pretty funny.

Boooooooooooooo I'm tired and internet issues have made this post later than it should be... it's 12:19 now. I hate you internets!!! Well, I hope this post was real enough for people lol. Not a whole lot has been happening - just Halloween fever! Today was a pretty good day. I've had more energy the past couple days but that's probably because Halloween is so close and I'm on a Halloween high haha!

And I can't believe Christmas is coming! Oh, and Thanksgiving... lol. *sigh*

I'm tired! I had so much to say but damn you internet! Now I can't think of anything else to write lol.

Oh well, picture time! Pics probably say more than anything I write anyway. Enjoy the pictures! YAY!! If I don't post again before or on Halloween then have a HAAAAAAPPY HALLOWEEEEN!! Don't let the spooks scare you too much! ;)

LOL here Cam was upset and pouting, so she crawled into her sleeper. I guess she showed us who's boss!
No Ma, I'm ignoring you.

                                                   She really likes bath tubs. Lol.

                                                And figuring out the faucet.... sigh....

                                                                     And being silly!
                             When she sees herself in my phone, she raised her arms up lol.

LOL! It had been awhile, so when Cam saw Bailey standing next to her she was like... huh? whoa!! another human my size!
And she kept reaching out to touch her like she couldn't believe she was real. Lol.

Wow, you're real!

Neither of us could get them to look at our cameras at the same time lol.
 Camilla was so funny when they were at our place. When Laura stepped in, she immediately reached out for Laura to hold her. Then after two seconds she wanted down. Lol. At one point, Cam grabbed Laura's hand and led her to her bedroom... it was so funny. Laura was like, yeah she took me to her window and then she showed me her diapers. LOL!!

Bailey had a bunch of fun with the different toys! And Cam had a lot of fun period. :) Until nap time anyway. Lol.

Yikes, prego!


Doesn't he look naked without his collar? Lol.
Thank you for the cute hand puppets Grandma Sue!
She is entranced with her reflection haha.
                                                            Alright mommy, read me this!

No more pictures!
Candy corn theme nails! Haha!
Cam wants you to see her Barney toy. Lol.

                                         LOL she doesn't look pleased with me at all.

OH MY! I got Cam this adorable stroller toy... AND SHE LOVES IT.
Look how ADORABLE she is!

SOOOOO CUTE. She was "strolling" around like, all day long!

                               What mom? Nothin' to see here. I'm just strolling my puppy!

                                   Trying to maneuver the stroller around the corner lol.

And of course, pushing the Minion around. Lol.

Lol the Minion's face is just perfect for that.
                                                        Choosing an outfit for mommy?

Eek they're multiplying!

Hi mom, I'm not wearing your shoes!

Geeze big enough tv? Lol.

For some reason... she REALLY wanted to help me mop.

That smiley face! :)

                                                        Go away mom, I'm tired!

Part of Cam's costume. :)
Pumpkins from tonight!
OH OH. Her puppy fell out of the stroller... so she picks him up and puts him back in! SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!
Well, she put him in upside down, but... that's okay! Lol.
                                                                    I did it, mom!

Face full of orange lol.
Yikes!! Hopefully Josh will be home to be King Triton. Even though I'm not sure what to do for his costume lol.

EEEEEEEEEEk! It's 1 am... I gotta get  to sleep! Love you all, XOXO!!



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