Friday, October 4, 2013

Eeeeeeek there's a mouse in the house!

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Hehe, I was a brat today!


Expecting a freak out response, and believe me, there was. Lol.

He was like, what??!!!! No way! 




Then I promptly texted him these photos:

Yup! That's one heck of a cute mouse!!

Are you surprised that she *allowed* that Minnie Mouse headband? It's funny because... I was  totally NOT surprised. And I'll tell you why. Last night, we got into the Halloween streamers. Or rather, she got into them, and when one had gotten stuck on her head she liked it. She liked the hanging ends and when she ran around, the streamer blew in the wind. It was so freaking funny!! It almost looked like two streamer braids just cascading behind her as she ran giggling everywhere.

And if it fell off? She cried. She would get terribly upset if the streamer fell off her head and she'd run up to me to put it back on there. Lol. What a silly girl!!! My word this little lady amazes me more and more each day. Josh got a huge huge kick out of it. And we both just looked at each other like... what is so amazing about a streamer on your head? But every. single. damn. time. it fell off from her running around too much, she would cry and basically demand it be put back on her head! Eventually I tied it around her forehead like a ninja and she was content with that. We have so many funny pictures of it. They are delightful!

                                                  Hi Ma! Don't I look cool?
This is the only real hair I have... tell me I look cool!
Lol! Outta my way guys, I got a cool hair piece and I'm feeling fierce!
                                          Hmmm, gotta check my texts... nope, no new texts.
Now time to check my emails.
She was running around everywhere! I think she really thought she was super cool with that on her head lol.

*sigh* I'll hafta nab the photos that Josh has on his phone since he got a few, too. It was just so funny! I was pretty amazed that she wasn't bothered. And even more floored that she was upset when it came off! Same thing with the Minnie ears headband today. She didn't want it to come off! Maybe she's hit the phase where she likes hair accessories? Who knows! Maybe cause I put a headband on my head and then put one on hers and then had her look at us in the mirror that she thought it was neat... but I don't know lol. She's a silly girl. :) Such a cutie too!

And now some more pics! Yay!

You know she comfortable and/or finished when she puts her hands behind her head lol!
                                               Mom no pictures! How embarrassing!!
                                                  Posing for the camera? Lol.

                                                               I have your tape, Ma!

                                         Oh geeze... the climbing is insane around here.

No, you are not a grown up yet! Stay little forever young lady!
  Siiiigh. She climbs the chairs, the tv stand, the couch, the fridge, the Halloween bin, the... everything! Josh gets pretty upset, like really upset. I'm like well, you can't really do anything to *stop* her, you just have to remove her from the situation/area. Misdirect her with a toy or something fun and new, ya know? And also to NEVER take your eyes off her for a second! Cause that's when she'll strike! Lol. This weekend we're going to look for a new tv stand because that is the worst one... she can climb all the way up to where she'll touch the tv with both hands. And we cannot be having that... at all. So, bye bye old tv stand... it was nice knowing you!

 She was playing with the strainer lol and then she brought it upon herself to move the Halloween decor bin... thanks Cam!
                                    Awww. Haha she dragged her phone into there.

Hilarious! She'll be entertained for a long time by "typing" letters on our phones. She needs a typewriter lol.
                                         She's writing up her stories and memoirs!


                                                    Bet you can't find me mom!
Ma, I brought you a diaper. Cause you always complain about how you have to pee 50 times a day!
                                                                 Time to read! Yay!

Thanks for the book Auntie!
Ma, stop taking pics. It's time to read!

                                                   Lol trying out the ears pre-dress.

                                                 Cutest Minnie Mouse I've ever seen!

Sigh, the climbing.
I don't think so little lady!

Someday her prince will come. :)
 Mmm I made chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl. YAY! Lol.

Eeeek bats in the dining room! AHHH!
Oh man also, me and Cam play this hilarious game. I call it tickly monsters. Or just monsters haha. I'll hide in the pantry with the door cracked, and she'll cautiously come up to peek  through the crack (cause she knows I'm in there haha) and then I'll start cackling like a monster, and she'll start giggling and laughing and then run away. And then she comes back and peeks through again, and I'll kneel down and catch her eye through the crack in the door and start making more monster noises... and then she'll run away again and laugh. It's SO FUNNY. She'll come back and then start to open the door and then I'll poke my hand/fingers through and try and grab her or tickle her. It really makes her laugh so much!!

Then I escape from the pantry and she'll either try to shut me back in there or she'll run away screaming and laughing. Lol. IT'S SO FUNNY!!! I try to get Josh to play it with her but I don't think she's crazy enough like I am. I get really into being a "monster" Lol. Sometimes Cam will run and hide in the laundry room and spy on me through the crack in that door! And sometimes she'll just bolt and run into the living room and I chase her, and sometimes she chases me. It's the most funnest thing EVER! I love this girl! *sigh* I love being a mommy.

Happy October, AGAIN! We're all having a blast over here. Love you all!!!


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