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I am pooped! I feel like I rarely ever get to sit down because I'm constantly running after a baby, or picking things up, putting things away, doing the dishes.. then before I know it it's dinner time and I've got to feed people! When will this madness end?! Haha, just kidding. I thoroughly enjoy it. I love being a stay at home mommy and taking care of my loves. There have been a couple days recently that have been pretty stressful on me, and I've definitely been more emotional. The littlest things will make me cry... which is so annoying, I don't like crying in front of people, even Josh! Haha. I just feel dumb, I guess.

I have had some pretty bad pelvic pain. The other day I literally could not walk. It was just so painful and each step was excruciating. Josh was so good to me, it made me cry. Well, the pain made me cry too, but the fact that Josh really stepped up and made me comfortable and told me I wasn't allowed to get off the couch... and he took care of everything! He even went out and got me a new video game lol. I don't deserve him! At all. Thankfully my pain hasn't been THAT bad since (it was on Sunday, thank goodness that it was a day he was home) I think I have SPD, I'll hafta bring it up to my doctor at my next appointment 'cause oh man, I really really don't want that coming back. Sometimes it really freakin' hurts when I roll over in bed! It sucks! But I'll stop complaining now lol.

Cam is doing super!!! She is SUCH a doll! Gosh, and she loves her daddy so much. It warms my heart when he comes home and she runs up to him and reaches out for a pick up. Me and Cam went to the store tonight a bit late and Josh had already gotten home from work, anyway, when we pulled in and he greeted us as we pulled into the garage, she was so happy to see him! Lol. It's so darn cute. *sigh* And when they cuddle on the couch, or she rests her head on him. *sniffle* Makes me so happy! :) And him too, he's so happy with her.

Cam is saying byeeeeeeee! It's funny! I don't think she quite understands what it means, but she said it to the cashier at Target a few days ago and the cashier thought it was so cute and hilarious lol. And Cam was pretty loud, she was like BYEEEEEE! Lol! She's so damn cute! She loves wearing her shoes. She'll bring you her shoes and want you to put them on her feet, she'll do it with her socks too. She'll bring you things that she wants to do, like one morning she kept bringing me her Cinderella book so I read it to her over and over again. It must've been 5 times I read it to her haha! *sigh* And if she wants you to do something she can't figure out, she'll take your hand and lead you to what she wants. The other day Josh was sharing a snack with her and then afterwards she led him over to the refrigerator because she was thirsty and she knows that's where water comes from! 

Also, she is a master finder of things... probably because she is a master HIDER of things. We could not for the life of us find the other Hello Kitty shoe (she LOVES those shoes the most, apart from my own shoes she clops around the house in lol) anyway, we gave up and chose a different pair. But then when we got home, she ran and found the missing Hello Kitty shoe and brought it to us. Lol.

Oh man... and tantrum city!! She has hit the tantrum stage. Take something away she wants, you've got a screaming banshee on your hands. Or tell her no to something, or lead her off in a different direction etc, she will act like it's the end of the world! Gosh. I'm definitely not used to the screeching and the tantrums, and those do wear on me a little. But that's to be expected, and I just march on haha. I don't like giving in, I just don't want to encourage it, ya know? Sometimes Josh is like geeze, how can you deal with that? I guess I just steel myself. I mean it does pain me to hear her whine or be unhappy. But it never lasts that long, I know she'll forget within a few minutes anyway and move on. Or I distract her with something else. :) It's all trial and error, I think Josh just has to toughen up a little bit. Lol.

Man, I could talk about Camilla FOREVER! Lol. But I do have to get to bed at some point. :) I have pics to share of course! So I hope family is doing well, we love you and miss you and things are good over here! I'm a little pooped... I'm not sure if I'll complete our Halloween costume theme this year since my pelvic pain is often on and off and keeps me from getting out of the house much (I haven't been able to thrift for pieces, sigh) that really bums me out, but maybe there will be a Halloween miracle. Lol. Apart from that, we're doing great! Except for finding several ant mounds in the front yard.... THAT is annoying. We did some research and bought some Fire Ant Bait Killer stuff and sprinkled it all over their stupid lairs! This stuff IS supposed to kill the queen since they take it back to the nest and crap so... we'll see. Enjoy your delicious poison, see you in hell you stupid ants!!

Okay.... pic time! Lol.

I don't remember if I shared these Cam Minnie Mouse pics?! If I did already, oh well! Lol.

                                                              Look at that smiley face!!!
                                                             Lol awwwwwww.
Lol. (she wasn't really eating off the floor, she just wanted to "practice" with the spoon)
Someone is helping mommy sweep! She seriously will take the broom from me when I start sweeping the floor lol.
       Oh mommy was filing her nails? Not anymore, Cam took it from me and tried it for herself.

                                                   Mommmmm let me do my nails!!

                                             Cam wanted to try daddy's boots! Lol.

                                    Nah nevermind, mommy's shoes are a little easier.

Isn't she so cute?!!
Aww daddy daughter time!

                                             Cam is the leader of the pack in Target!

No Dad, we go this way, okay?
Oh no! Mommy's on my heels, she'll put me back in the cart. Gotta get away!
                                   Come on Dad, over here, and bring your wallet!

She leads him to what she wants...
Oh! Cam wants milk!!! LOL. Josh thought that was HILARIOUS!

And here she is pushing the cart....
Pushing and pushing la di daaaa.
Come on Dad, this way!

So cute!!

Time to color!
What you lookin' at? You never seen a little lady color before?
                                     Lol look at her face! Her puffy cheeks full of orange. :)

Mmmmm orange!
Lookie, a start to one of Cam's pumpkins for 2013! :)
Um, I don't trust that guy, Ma. 

Okay I'm done.
Mmm graham cracker!
Sheesh look at that super cute face! :)

Lol. She dragged him out of her room.
                And then took him to OUR room. I'm afraid we had a hostage situation going on.

She brought me the ears and wanted me to put them on her head lol.
Time to read. :)
Aww bubble bath time Cam!

Ta daaaa! Not quite finished, but oh well. Gotta love Halloween! You better love your pumpkin Minions Camilla! Cause mommy sure loves you, little lady! <3 <3 <3
Good night!!!


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