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Obligatory Birthday / New Dining Table Post... (p.s. WHY am I still awake?!?!)

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I REALLLLYYYYYY should be in bed. I should've been in bed like, an hour ago. But no, it's like this crazy mommy monster that fuels me to continue. I still hafta pick up the living room, oh I forgot to refill Desoto's food, Cam tornado'd my office I hafta clean it, I hafta upload pictures to the blog! Etc etc. Lol. Why won't innate sense of mommy-ness let me relax?!!?!

Oh well! So, today is my birthday and let me tell you.... it was exhausting lol. Moreso than I thought it would or even should be. Did you know that being center of attention is utterly draining?! I am so bad at being center of attention, in fact, I'm actually much happier lurking in the shadows of the background, like some sort of fading circus freak or something. But I digress... it was a very good very special day! Just so tiring. I'm really not sure how my eyelids are even staying open.

BUT FIRST. Before I begin to talk about birthdays.... our new table came on Wednesday AND WE FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!!! Josh and I still walk by admiring it like it's some sexy piece of meat. Lol. If the table were alive, I think it might slap us with a harassment suit! Haha! No, but really, we are very happy with our choice. It's so lovely! I love the rustic vibe, and the chairs.. siiigh. And even the table legs are rounded and cute!

My favorite chairs! Lol. These guys sit at the end.

I love it!! Josh loves it! Lol when he got home the night it was set up we both just sat at the table and were like... wow. Awesome. Lol. It kind of reminds me of like a farmhouse table, or something, but the two end chairs give it that sort of modern boost with the cushy back. WE LOVE IT! The table has another section actually t hat you can pull apart and unfold it from beneath. I suck at explaining things, but the table is already pretty big, but we have the option of making it even bigger! Which is cool, if we ever needed more than six spots. Lol.

Cam just woke up from her nap and investigated. LOL. She's like umm what the hell? Where did this come from? How long was I asleep, Ma?!?!
(one of the delivery guys thought it was so hilarious how she was sleeping...)
She was of course, sleeping like this. Lol.
                                                       Okay, I guess I approve, Ma!

 So yes! We are happy with it! Lol.

Halloween + New Table = Aweeeeeeeesome.
Josh is giddy over that table! Lol.

Okay, sigh, I guess I can mention some birthday stuff. HEY! Remember when I said that I didn't really want or need anything for my birthday except for maybe a new set of mixing bowls, or some random kitchen stuff?

What did Josh get me?

A 70" tv.

Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!! I mean, there was a small part of me that was wondering if Josh would really go get a new tv for me for my birthday (a very small part, because he was sort of talking about a new tv and so was I) but I honestly didn't think he would do it! I was pretty freaking floored. I was speechless. I think the first thing I said after awhile was... ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!!!!??  70 inches is huge! It's mounted to the wall and everything now, but I was pretty afraid of that whole process lol. And while I LOVE it and it's a seriously AMAZING gift, I'm just like holy crap you didn't hafta do THAT. I was like... I honestly would have been absurdly happy with new mixing bowls! LOL. I'm pretty simple ya know? It's so sweet he does these (insanely) grand gestures, but sheesh! I definitely don't deserve that. He seems to think so. I kind of cried a little, because it was overwhelming and I'm also pretty hormonal lately. And also because I wasn't even done frosting my birthday Halloween cupcakes and it was all just too much. Also, much of the day was him figuring out the tv mount stuff so that was kind of a bummer cause I just reeeeeeeeaaaaallly wanted to relax and take a break (and finish frosting my cupcakes!!! since I refused to get a store bought cake which was what Josh wanted to do lol) but oh well, it was worth it. Maybe tomorrow Josh will let me have more of a break haha.

I love it, though. And it looks great on the wall!! Minus the wires hanging down, but he says that when Dennis and Sue are here that Dennis can fix that stuff. So I'm pretty excited for that! I will admit that I was kind of bummed this was my only present though lol not that I expected a huge tv or that I expected this AND more, it's just.... I'm very much that kind of person that likes to have a lot of little things to open, even if it's something totally weird. I joked, Josh you should've wrapped up some canned goods. LOL. I just don't feel like it's a birthday unless there are presents to open! I'll always be a kid like that! Not that I NEED more than a this big behemoth of a television but it's okay cause my sister sent me a birthday package and so did my dad, and my mom's hasn't gotten here yet, so I did have some little things to open over skype. :) All in all... apart from being center of attention on Skype and in general, today was kind of an emotional rollercoaster. I'm getting teary eyed now just thinking about it lol. I need to shut up so I won't cry again!! *sniffle*

Today was a good day though! I'm very happy with the table and the new television and this weekend we're going to hopefully hunt down a tv stand thingy that we like, since we are sooo sick of Cam climbing this one. It's not Cam's fault, we don't blame her one bit, it's just that is not an ideal stand at ALL with little ones around. Haha. It just flat out sucks!

Anyway,  thank you to those who sent me birthday packages/presents and wished me well today! I am one pooped mommy. I haven't even put away my birthday stuff yet, but I did manage to clean up the kitchen. *sigh* Anyhoo! Eeep it's almost midnight here... which means no more birthday! So all in all, it was a good day with lots of surprises, emotional events (lol) and it shall end with me passing out in probably snoring glory. Thank you so much, I really am a lucky girl. :) I love you Josh!

Pic time!!

                           Mermaid Cam!! Lol. She kind of broke the tail part but... oh well!


Okay mom, I'll pose!

Look at that GORGEOUS girl!! And yes that IS her arm in my doritos bag! Lol. (note to self: don't buy anymore chips, I can't say no!)
                                                             Gosh she is so beautiful. :)

Oh hi mom!
Cam and my prego belly lol.
                                        Why yes, that is a bat on Desoto's big ol' noggin.

Here Desoto let me help and get that thing off you!
                                                  Just carrying my Minions around, Ma!


The start of the ghost cookies. Spooooky!
                                                Hehe, I had big plans for these guys.

                                                             Sigh, I love this girl. :)

My 'birthday Halloween' cupcakes! Chocolate cupcakes with ghost cookies on top. Lol. Yay!

                                    Josh thinks it's hilarious how she will lay like that.


And for the finale... one of the games Cam LOVES to play....

Is someone in there?

Oh I see you mommy....


Oh ma! You're so funny! Then she laughs a bunch and runs off!
It's so cuuuuteeee!!!
Good night everyone! Time to go pass out! PHEW!!


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