Saturday, September 28, 2013


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Sorry there hasn't been much bloggage going on - JOSH IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!


So there has been tons of talking, laughing, playing, some outings, and mostly silliness in this household. And happiness. :)

Cam is SO CUTE with her daddy. :) At first she was shy. I knew she recognized him. She didn't get super upset when he picked her up or anything, I think she seemed kind of stumped. Like questioning. Like, hey I know you... I remember... and it didn't take long for her to get comfy. Now she's running up to him, running into his arms, reaching up to be picked up, wanting to sit with him. Oh it's so sweet. *sniffle*

I'll share a few pics but I don't have a lot of extra time to do the whole lot of recent ones, I'm pooped! Lol. It's been a long day... though I must say I LOVE being able to sleep in once more! Josh has been off since Thursday which means plenty of mommy snoozing lol.

BLARGH! I'm tired! Sorry it's a teeny tiny update! I swear I'll be back!

Daddy and daughter reunited!


That guy talked and lit up and his mouth moved and everything, Cam got quite a kick out of him (at the store... Lol)
HOWEVER, when we bought him and took him home and he lit up and started chattering...
Then she got scared. Lol.

 Soooo all in all, we are doing very well and VERY HAPPY!!

We have daddy back and home safe with us! And he's a Master Gunner! And I get to sleep in! Lol. Yay!!

I guess you could say... we are... celebrating...



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