Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Swimming, being tired, and the count down is ON!

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Phew, lemme preface this by saying... I am pretty damn tired! After Cam's bath, I shut us in her room for playtime and reading and well.. I just stretched out and I fell asleep. Lol. But only for, hmm, maybe 15 or 20 minutes. I woke up to Cam whining and poking me... she was probably confused on why mommy was drooling on her quilt. Sorry Cam! I also woke up to a couple blocks stuffed under me... gee thanks a lot for that Cam!

Today wore me out! We met up with Laura and her cutie Bailey and we adventured onto the base to go swimming at one of their outside pools. :) It was LOADS of fun! And although I didn't do any "real" swimming, it was still a total blast just holding Cam in the water and letting her do her lady-like splashing, and her idea of swimming lol. She had fun. WE all had fun. Although I could tell Camilla thought the whole experience was bemusing. She did really well, I was pretty shocked. She likes bath time, but she doesn't seem to be a total fishy in the water; I'm glad she got to experience the fun of the pool! And Laura and Bailey had lots of fun, too, in fact we're already planning on doing it again really soon before they close for the season lol. Yay! Then after the pool we went back to Laura's and random funny story: she had made a bottle for Bailey and Cam walked right over to Bailey who was innocently laying on the floor with it, and then Cam tried snatching it from her!! I was like CAM!! How rude!! Lol. She is such a silly girl.. Cam always tries to steal and take toys. And Bailey is so close to walking because she's always following Cam around... so funny. So adorable! They are cute together, though, and Cam is still pretty independent and into doing her own thing, but I've seen her gradually increase interacting and watching/looking at Bailey and Laura more, I mean, besides all the toy stealing. Lol.

It's been kind of a rough transition from Josh's parents leaving. It's tough being back all back on my own again! Back to watering the darn yard, oy, and the grass... how dare it start growing again. Ah well. :) Labor Day Weekend was so confusing because I was like uh, do the garbage guys come on Labor Day?! And I saw that NONE of the neighbors had their cans out that night. So I thought they didn't. Then what happens in the morning? I hear the damn garbage truck! Grrrr! That is so annoying, but oh well. Live and let learn.

Also: Josh had tests today and he PASSED!!!!!!! I didn't even know he had exams today until I got a text from his mom! Lol. Ugh! Josh! He needs to pipe up more, I wanna hear about his achievements and I want to know what he's working on and doing, despite my scatterbrained-ness. :) I told him, you better tell me about these things and not just be all flippant about it like "Yeah I passed", instead be more like "I'M AWESOME, I PASSED!" Lol it's just so funny how indifferent he seems about it all when it's a pretty big deal. Yes, you passed your third set of exams in the VERY DIFFICULT Master Gunner school. BE PROUD!!!!!!!!! Lol. I'm so happy and excited and proud and grateful and a million other things for him... I really feel like he's doing this and he's got this in the bag. I don't want to jinx it or anything, so I'll knock on wood. *knocks on Desoto's head*Aaaaaaand it's September! The count down is officially ON! HURRY UP AND COME HOME!!!!

Oy, I am tried. After this, it's last minute snack and bottle time for Cam and then it's off to bed for her! And then me, too, because I am totally wiped. This lack of sleep has been creeping up on me. She's been doing okay in the crib. She's fine when I put her in there and if she cries it's only for a few minutes, though she has been waking up more throughout the night, so that's pretty frustrating. But we'll get over this. :)

Love you all family, xoxo!

                                                                      Happy lady!

Silly lady!

                                                   Helping mommy clean? Lol. (yeah right!)

Thanks for doing the laundry, Cammy!


                                                    Awww tired morning girl.

Suuuchhhhhhhhh a cuddly doofus!

First time falling asleep in the crib, she had pulled all my clothes in there in her fit of rage lol.

                                                     Hey everyone look at meeeeeee!

I'll pose for you!
                                               Ohhh cutie, she just woke up from a nap here lol.

                                                     Shoe thief! Those are mine, lady!

Cam and Bailey!

Right before Cam swooped in and stole her toy lol.


Haha what a face.

HAAHAHA!!! I love how she sleeps!

Because who doesn't read the paper in the morning?
                                            Gee  Ma, I don't know about this Syria business. 
                                                        Oh, and toilet paper is on sale.

Get me some ice cream too, ma.

Lol she is sooooooooooooo silly.


                                                               "Reading." Lol.

Awwwwwww. <3

"Ew apricots are gross, ma!" She really did not like them lol.

"Now don't you feed me those again!"

                                                             Playing with her baby. :)

Cuddles for singing pup.

Exploring at the store.. lol the lady thought she was sooo cute walking around.

                                                          Hey get back here honey bunny!

She loves dragging my shoes around haha.

Desoto.. sigh, pledging his allegiance?

Sigh, my shoes.

Oh geeze...

She's climbing EVERYTHING.

More and more. It's insane.

You're not allowed to do that! Grrrr!

                                                               Gosh she's so friggin cuuuutteeeeee!

                                                     Lol digging for gold, are ya?

Here Desoto, do you like computer keyboards?
He's like uhhhh...

Ugh climbing!!!!! Drives me crazy!

                                                          Walking and reading? Lol.

                                    Thanks for umm, helping sort through baby clothes, Desoto.

Oh no mom sorted through my infant clothes for my sister!

                                                   Caught her sucking her thumb.
                                                    PS she got one of her molars!

Desoto's like, at least I never got into your shoes mom...

Go away mom, I'm busy and important.

                                               Isn't she so cute in her swimsuit?!!???

                                                       Sigh, love this girlof ours.

Come back in! Lol.

These were taken towards the end when she was getting tired haha.

Lol awww.

She's so gorgeous!!!!!!!!


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