Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yuck, I'm sick.

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I hate being sick! I NEVER get sick. This is so uncharacteristic of me, lol as Josh even said when I told him I was sick. *sigh* I still feel pretty gross. I had to cancel tomorrow's doctor appointment and move it to the 17th instead, as I'm sure other pregnant ladies in the waiting room wouldn't appreciate my getting snot all over them or sneezing in their general direction. Lol. And I would feel pretty bad if I got any other pregnant ladies sick.. plus I just don't think I would've had the energy to make the trek with Cam to the doctor's. Sigh. But yesterday and today I am feeling a bit more energized, but my head still feels awful stuffy, and I somehow sound worse than from a couple days ago. Maybe that's the trick, the worse you sound, the better you are lol. I hafta blow my nose constantly (EW!) and all that not-so-awesome stuff, so at the very least I think this demon cold is slowly leaving my body haha.

At least Cam is feeling fine. :) If I can take this sickness and spare her, I'd gladly do it. Even if all I want to do is lay on the couch, or on the floor with her in her room, and just lay there... lol. I always feel bad and super guilty, like I SHOULD be playing with Cam, I SHOULD be doing this and that with her but all I want to do is lay in a pile of grossness with a blanket wrapped around me lol. It's okay though, I know Cam is having a good time being her silly self, and she will constantly come back to me and climb all over the sick lump that is her mommy, haha or plop herself in my lap and I'll pull a book out and read to her. I'm glad she's mostly easy going. Though the other day she was aaaaaaaalllllllllllll over the place wanting to get into eeeeeverryyything, mainly the pots and pans and creating messes all over the house. *sigh* But I love her, even if she hides my shoes, opens shampoo bottles and gets them everywhere, trails toilet paper streamers, and well... everything else naughty she does. Lol.

Not much to update other than pretty excited for Josh to get home! Only two more tests and of those two, only one that is a set of written exams. The final exam will be him going before a board of 3 people and explaining a sort-of lesson plan everything he's learned, as if he were going over a plan to tell a superior, etc. Pretty freaking nervous for him, but we're really rooting for him. I know Cam is a huge inspiration for him. He loves her so much and he's such a good daddy. I know I'm inspiration too, but let's face it, Cam is in control of our hearts lol. I know she's the reason I work so damn hard on my shop stuff. It's all for her! (and new baby too, of course). It's funny how kids make you want to better yourself and are hugely inspirational.

Well, I think I'm going to go make some more tea. Cam is here with me being adorable and getting into my crafty stuff... sigh... yarn is everywhere, appliques strewn about, random toys that I will trip on later all over my floor... but that's okay, I love her. :)

P.s. Cam needs to stop climbing things (couch, boxes, desks, inside the refrigerator...), she's giving me mini heart attacks!!!

Good afternoon, Cammy!

                                             Sheesh, I think you're too young for makeup.

This was when she flicked the door stop and looked back for approval and praise lol.

Can I have a cookie, mom?

HAHAHA that face.

Oh geeze... NOT a fan of couch acrobatics.
Even if that face is SOO CUTE.

Aww look at those pretty eyes of hers. :)

Helping mommy work? Yeah right...

Lol caught you!!

Aww *sniffle* my little crib sleeper.

Restaurant with Laura and Bailey.

                                      The nice lady gave Camilla and Bailey animal balloons!

She's like.. huh? I don't get it. Lol.

                                                     Mushroom macaroni lol. She liked it!

I dunno about these things you call forks, ma.

                          LOL I'm not sure what's with her expression and pose... but okay?
Mom, I got lots to think about in this crazy life.

Photo taken as she was babbling up a storm.

I do not approve of these pictures, mom.

                              Put a small pot of water down for her and she had loads of fun haha.
Mom, I'll make you some water soup. It'll help you feel better.

Gotta stir that soup!


                                  Lol that face! She really wanted the carrots most of all.


This is my mommy you can't have her.


She's so silly.

                                               Trying to put on mommy's shoes? Haha.

Probably a little bit big, Cammy.

Awwwwwwwww. Such a beautiful girl!
                                                                   She loves to lean.

No more pictures, or I'll kick you!

                                                                 Lol. New hang out?

I took everything out of your cupboard mom, to help you out.

                                                 Is it time to do laundry AGAIN Cam?


Love this little lady!

Don't worry mom, I've got dinner covered. You go get some rest.

Hmmm, I don't think the pan belongs over there, honey bunch.

Aww tired face.

Mid-yawn face. Lol.
She's so cuddly lately.

                                                        Oh no ma! Don't bake me!

Can I pleeeease have a cookie?
Hahaha so I was brushing what hair she has... and then...

She tries to brush her hair....

I really don't get this, ma. (LOL!!)

Oooh crayons and coloring!

                                                                         Sigh.... messes.


                                                        Such a sweet little girl. :)

Hi bathtime Cam!

Okay can I get out now?

Lol uh... okay...

                                   Cam wants you all to know that that is her favorite turtle.
Yup. Her favorite turtle. :)


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