Saturday, September 14, 2013

Feeling kinda crafty...

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I'm feeling better. Yay! It's fall and Halloween is next month... double yay! For some reason, I've been feeling very inspired and crafty and wanting to play more with my sewing machine. Which I did. GASP. I know. How odd... I don't think I've actually literally sat down and sewed on it since... maybe last Christmas? Lol so like, almost a year? I dunno, it's weird. Maybe it's cause I'm pregnant and it's the hormones, cause I've definitely been super emotional lately... or maybe it's the plus side of getting through the yucky sickness. Maybe wanting to craft and make stuff is a delerious side effect from a cold?! Lol.

Who knows! I saw this cute stuffie skeleton via Pinterest and I thought.... I wanna make that! They actually had a legit pattern for sale, but I'm stubborn and said screw that, I'll make the pattern myself and figure it out.

Tonight, I finished!

I call him Mr. Bones.

And let me just say, he was a bitch to make. Lol. Well, he was fun to make.. but my sewing machine wasn't able to sew the double fleece parts. In fact, the only part my sewing machine could handle was the white face (felt) to the black fleece. The bones, heart, everything else like the main body... by hand... and um, ouch. That was not as fun.

But this was for Camilla, and I wanted to make it for her. :) It's her Halloween surprise!

And he sits in the guest bedroom until Halloween!

Or tomorrow, because I'm kinda in love with him and I doubt I'll hold out giving it to her on Halloween. Lol. I'm kinda sucky that way... I shouldn't have made this so soon! But whatever, it was a project I was excited about and I kinda wanted to see if I could actually do it and stick with it. I'm glad I did. :) I love you Cammy, hope you like your Halloween surprise skeleton stuffie! Yay!!

And it's midnight.. I'm tired. I'm sorry this isn't a real post, and this is just one talking all about me and sewing LOL, but I was just so excited! I will add a few recent pics of Cam though! Because she is ADORABLE and the cutest little lady EVER!

Camilla is the epitome of CUTENESS!!!!!

Cam... how did you do that? Lol.

Mom! Look at me, I'm a turtle!

Cam... where did your pants go?

Hey Grandpa, I love my minion toys! (she does, somehow one got left behind in the bed and I rolled over onto it in the night... ouch!) Lol.

Cam and her minions! :)

Oh Cam, you are so beautiful!

*sigh* (oh geeze that messy room...)
Well it's off to bed for me! Good night everyone and we love you ever so much! Happy birthday again to Grandma Sue. :) We love you!!!!!

P.s. what the heck are we gonna be for Halloween?!?!



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