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PHEW! I have not been in my office ALL DAY LONG. I have quite literally been on my feet nonstop either cleaning, putting things away, cooking something, or chasing after a baby. Sometimes all 4 at once. :)

The house looks pretty good! I know Josh doesn't care about that kind of stuff. And I know he's just going to be ecstatic and relieved to be HOME after a long (and for him, grueling) two months, but I still want things to look nice for him. :) It's the little things, I think, that really send a message. Like I made him some sugar cookies shaped like Gromit (from Wallace and Gromit... we all LOVE Wallace and Gromit in this household, including Cammy!) They turned out pretty good!

Aren't they cute?!?! Almost too cute to eat. But not really. YUM.
I got some congrats signs and posted them in his office, office door, and one hanging in the dining room with a smiley face balloon lol. What!? The store didn't have "congratulations" balloons, phooey! The smiley face one had to do!


I even made sure the shower was stocked up on his favorite Old Spice shower gel and that we had plenty of his favorite blueberry jam and crunchy peanut butter. Ha! I'm also gonna make a card and layout some of the cookies and some Reese's candy I got for him on the island, but I'm going to do that tomorrow night so there's no pictures of that haha. I do wish I could be there in person for his graduation but he was like nah, no way it's not a big deal at all! I guess it's only like a 20 minute ceremony (if that) and it's just the class and the instructors and some other guy who makes a speech? Lol. He made it sounds like it wouldn't be a huge thing, but I still like to be supportive. But I guess that's why I hafta show it in other ways! Like smiley face balloons!

Needless to say, I'm excited. I'm not even sure if I'll be able to sleep tomorrow! Lol. He might even get home before I fall asleep. Lately I've been having trouble falling asleep, like I'll finally feel sleepy at 1-1:30 AM. GEEZE, I know. I suck. But I digress... my feet are soooo sore from being on them all day long. I just about cleaned everything in this darn house! Well, I do have the main floors to steam clean but I did do the bathrooms and hall area and by Desoto's crate, that one is tough to do when Cam's running around since I don't want her to slip and fall, ya know? In fact I SHOULD be doing the rest of the floors RIGHT NOW, but my feet need resting! Lol.Yowch.

I'm so EXCITED!!! Yippeeee!!!

So, I'm also pretty tired (which is a good thing since Cam's out like a light and I should be going to be myself) so I'm going to make this a short post. But I have lots of cute pictures to share, so enjoy them! Good night! XOXO!!

Desoto... you're certainly a dapper witch.
I love this little girl!!!

Oh my word, the cutest little lady ever.

                                              Yeah, she loves her toilet paper rolls lol.

                                                     Alright Ma, I got what I needed...
See you later, Ma!

Hey Ma, let's clean some stuff!
(Don't worry one was water, the other a vinegar water solution. We don't keep chemicals where she can reach.)


Love that silly grin!

Awwww. *sniffle*

                                                 Sigh, messes everyyyyyyywherrrreeeee!
                                               But who can resist that adorable face??!?!

                                                                    Mmmm yogurt!

Can I give him to her now? Lol.
Aww, cuddling on mom's baby belly.

LOL that face. What were you expecting to find in there, treasure?

       Gotta put your foot in the cup, cause ya know, it looks cool and it impresses mommies.

Are you impressed mom?

 Hey Ma, I'm gonna freak you out by climbing this. Cause I gotta show you my teapot for the hundredth millionth time!

Princess Cam!

This is my sheep. You can't have him, mom.

Lol it's funny when she drags that big zombie dude around.

Funny story, she got the basket completely over her so she was "trapped" and she started crying.
Like, end of the world style crying.
I was like, oh gosh Cam! Lol.

Haha! She looks so long.

                                                        Mommy daughter cuddles!

                                           She's like what the hell is this crap?!?!

Ma, is this stuff for real?

No stop tickling meeee!

Nooooo tickles! HAHA she's so freaking cute!!!

Lol! Sorry Cam, you're just so ticklish I can't help it!

YUM, homemade pumpkin spice latte!

                                                           She's such a pretty girl! :)

NO NO NO NO. I snapped this quick and then grabbed that monkey.
Then I texted the photo to Josh and said: LOOK WHAT YOUR DAUGHTER IS DOING.

             While cleaning out the pantry, Cam fancied herself a giant coffee canister haha.


Lol typical sleeping pose.

                                           Haha! The photo on the right, love that goofy smile!

                                                   Sigh, how amazing is it to be a mom?
HAHAHAHA that face says it all.

                                                      What is it with her and my shoes?
I just love them okay, Ma?
Don't judge me, Ma.

                                                           I love that dress on her. :)

Uh oh, I woke up.

Ma, you awake?!?!

Ma, I'm bored.

                                                        Time to spy on the neighbors.

Lol that lip!!!!!!!

LOL! Disgruntled much?

Jazz hands!
LOL I caught this when she was "talking" VERY loudly.

Pretty lady! She slept with that turtle, it was so damn cute. She somehow kept it after she woke up while in the crib.

Can we go outside with my baby toy?

HA. So she was running around and carrying around those balls of Halloween spiders. It kept her busy for quite awhile!

                                                      I'll help you with the laundry.

Can we go for a car ride?

Okay mom give me the keys, it's time for me to go on a joy ride. See ya later! (YEAH RIGHT hahahah)

Why's it suddenly so drafty over here? Lol.

Yes, this game will do!

HAHAHA. This makes me laugh every single time she does this.

Desoto says hello!

Sigh Cam, you are a character.


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