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It's practically October!! Wheee!!

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Eeeep so close, like a day left and then it's October! YIPPEEE! My favorite month next to December. :) I'm already in the Halloween spirit! I got Josh to bring down the Halloween decorations tub from the attic and me and Cam have been having a blasty blast going through everything! Well, I'm having fun going through them and figuring out where to put stuff... she's having fun strewing things everywhere and hiding things. Lol.

Did I say how happy I am to have Josh home?! What a RELIEF! I'm still so dang proud of him that he accomplished and was determined in coming back successful. I wish I were as smart and as determined as he is! He really is something. I'm just so happy to have him back... and not just because he mowed the front yard! Lol. It's just nice having the family whole again. :) Though he will be gone for like a week or something later in October which will be soooo sucky! He may even miss Halloween. *cries* He was like at least I'll be here for your birthday, that I'm sure of! And I was like, I don't care if you miss my birthday, but missing Halloween?!?! You can't!!! NOOO!! Lol. He'll be running a Gunnery course with the other Master Gunner dude from when he went to school (the dude who bought a house in our neighborhood) and it'll be their first course and etc and it will be just them in charge of everything, so it will be pretty cool I guess from that end, even though Josh is not looking forward to it at ALL. I can't blame him, I mean, he JUST got back. They did this last year too where they were called into field around Halloween... why Halloween?!?! Why army why?! Why do you gotta mess around with my Holiday?!?!? Lol. Just kidding... kinda.

Speaking of that other Master Gunner guy (Meek) he had a football-y bbq-y shindig-y type thing on Sunday so we walked to his house (they're just down the street and around the corner) and his wife was cooking up stuff and there were other army dudes there. It was... okay, lol. I'm just so awkward and I typically feel pretty weird eating at a complete stranger's house (especially since we didn't bring anything, Josh insisted that we didn't haha) and Josh had a good time and Cam DEFINITELY had a good time... as you will see in pictures. Well, I didn't take a lot of photos because I'm awkward and dumb acting like myself around new people lol but there was one guy there who Cam was totally into! Actually, two guys. One guy she kept petting his hairy legs since he was wearing shorts lol and the other guy she wanted to sit next to, sit in his lap, steal his phone, tried to steal his beer (HAHAHA), took his keys, and he was a really good sport about all of her attention. Lol. I was like Josh, she's flirting with all the guys... this is just a small peek into the future, I hope you know! It was SOOOOOOO funny!

Also, they had a Boxer who kept licking Cam ALL over... and she was definitely not into that lol. Anytime he got near her, she'd turn away and ignore him. It was pretty funny. I guess she's just a Desoto snob. He was very well behaved though especially for a dog who was around crazy hyper screaming kids... there were two other kids there, little girls, and oh dear God their piercing shrieks are still haunting my mind. Cam, future baby, PLEASE don't be like that when you are older. Lol.

Time for pictures, yeah?

In conclusion, we have been having good times since Josh came home! And I have LOADS of pics to share!!!

Including a set of VERY hilarious photos involving Cam and her seeming love for Paparazzi Mommy.

Aww. Sigh.
I like to stand on books. It's a more enthralling experience.

Getting into all your files daddy... (lol oops)

I don't need to be guarded while watching Netflix... or do I? Lol.
                                                                   Daddy's HOME!!!!!!

Mmmm Meatball sub with homemade meatballs!

                                                  Playing with daddy is so much fun!

Thanks for the cute pants Auntie Mary!
Haha she tried holding several blocks at once, like daddy, but it didn't quite pan out. :)
He's so happy to be home with his Cammy!
                                    And Desoto's happy that mommy got him a new bone.

Grouchy. Lol.

Lol. She's totally scared of him in our home... but she wasn't at the store!
                                                         Cam that's not your crib!!!
Okay see you laters, I'm off to buy wrenches and hammers and tools for daddy. Don't wait up mom!
I've been obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes recently. Good thing I have lots of decaf stocked!
        Oh geeze. This butthead HAD to climb into bed with me on the weekend I got to sleep in lol.

Grandma Sue and Grandpa Den, I know this card was for my daddy but I LOOOOVE it. Lol.
Such a sweet girl.
                                     Ma... I don't know about this pink coat! Bleh! Lol.

       Funny story... me and Josh were arguing over whether or not she should wear it.
 I said well why not?! It's not hot outside and she hasn't worn it yet and she's sooo damn cute!!
       Lol. It's so odd arguing with Josh once again over what our daughter will wear!

Dad, not interested in that dog... he's no Desoto.
Outta my way!
She's a girl with a plan! Lol. Isn't that coat sooo cute!?!?!?
What a baby. Methinks he smelled the boxer and was jealous. Lol.
Yup. She loves that card!
                                                    Awww my wittle baby girl. <3 <3 <3

I was vacuuming... Desoto decides to place himself between the vacuum and Camilla. She was a wee bit scared. SO SWEET!


 Okay... the next BUNCH of photos are of Cam LOVING the camera. Well, particularly when I take pictures with flash on. When she sees the flash start going she gets SOOOO giggly, smiley, SO laughy and she like... poses. It's so freaking cute! Josh has a video of it and it was so hilarious how she'd look right into the camera ready for her photos to be taken. Lol.

It was the cutest thing in the world! I think you'll be able to see just how much she LOVED getting her photos taken with the flash on. There are some huge grins!!

OMG!!! <3 Lol.
 She loved it soooooooooo much! I hafta upload the video Josh got because it was so... damn.. cute. She'd be turned away, the flash would come on, then she would giggle and laugh and look right into the camera (or phone, haha) and smile and laugh lots more. We thought it was just the most hilarious thing ever! Josh was beside himself and I almost peed my pants from laughing. *sigh*


For some reason... the camera flash is just so funny lol.

Halloween decorating has started! YAY!!!
Now I just need more time! 

 Oh! And here are a couple photos from the bbq thingy. Cam really adored that guy! Lol. She almost fell asleep on him.

And the guy on the left? His hairy exposed legs were not safe from her. Lol. Thankfully they were good sports and thought she was adorable.
LOL. Geeze Cam, totally ignore mommy and daddy!
Love you all family!

Is anyone else as excited for October and Halloween as I am?! I don't even care about my birthday... I just want HALLOWEEN! Lol.


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