Monday, September 16, 2013

Emotional City, Population: Me.

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I've been SO emotional lately! Gah!

Before I continue... JOSH PASSED HIS LATEST EXAMS!!! This set of exams was pretty brutal, there was like 5 total, and this set delved deeply into basically what a Master Gunner is all about. But guess what?

Josh passed with 100's. On everything. I am so PROUD of him! I don't care if pride is supposedly a 'deadly' sin, I'll be proud FOREVER that he accomplished so much. He hasn't failed once. He's doing and has been doing fantastic -- he is so smart! And yet for some reason, so humble. Lol. He really doesn't like to boast about his achievements... but I think that's why I'm here, I'll boast for him. I'll yell to the world if I have to!

He was actually the only one of his class that passed. How's that for some interesting trivia? If you fail, they'll make those who passed wait while the others take re-tests (yowch that has to be embarrassing). but yeah. He was waiting in the parking lot for the others to finish their retesting when he texted me and then I of course immediately texted his parents 'cause I had to let them know what an amazing son they have! Lol. I know they're super proud of him too. :) It was an exciting breakfast this morning, right Cam?! Haha. (She's like ummm.. no.)

And there's only ONE more test. This Friday. *gulps* He's done so amazing so far, I'm sure he'll nail it. I'm still pretty nervous for him, but I believe in him. :) I can't believe he comes home next week. Has it really been 2 months? Actually....Yes. Yes it has, in fact, it seems like it's been dragging Lol. Nonetheless I am excited! I gotta start cleaning the house! Which is unfortunate because I get sore and crampy soooo flippin' easy these days. :( But I figure if I tackle a room or two a day and keep on top of it it should look good by the time he gets here... unless Cam the tornado decides otherwise. She leaves a path of destruction everywhere. ;) I did some weeding today while Cam napped... boy that wasn't fun. :( But we're starting to get some of those long grassy looking weeds and it was SUCH an eyesore in the front yard that it had to get done, haha. So phew, at least that's outta the way.

P.s. I'm so emotional! If there's a baby or a newborn on the tv, I get teary eyed. Going to bed at night... I get so sad because Cam is in the crib. I know it's a very good thing for her to sleep by herself in her crib (after all, that's why we bought the damn thing in the first place!) and it's a great thing because it gives me an extra hour or so of free time at night before I head to bed too, but it just makes me so sad. I  get teary eyed just thinking about it. I also recently stopped breast feeding, it's been nearly a month now and the transition is pretty rough for me... I mean, it's definitely time to be weaned, but it's just sad I guess. It's like another connection broken; I'll miss that bond. I guess it's a good thing there's another baby on the way haha! I dunno, I can't really describe it. I don't feel like I'm losing her exactly, I kinda feel like she's already growing up too fast, each day she's going to grow up a little bit more. And eventually she'll grow further away from me. That makes me so sad to think about, I could cry right now! Damn these hormones. I was talking to Josh about how sad it was making me, all these (minor) changes and the (huge) impact they have on a mommy and he was very sweet and reassuring. I'm really lucky to have him, I am so thankful he's there to hear me out when I feel sad over something like that. It's just reassuring too, to have a husband who cares and will drop what he's doing to help. Not that I do that very often, I hate bugging him when I know he has work to be done. I dunno, it's just nice to know he's there for always. :)

So yeah, case in point, I am way too emotional. Lol. When Cam was napping the other day I was laying on the couch next to her sleeper and I turned Netflix on and thought I would browse some movies... I saw Iron Man and thought... hey why not? I haven't seen this yet, and everyone says how good it is. And the premise for Iron Man (a superhero movie with Robert Downey JR): When wealthy industrialist Tony Stark is forced to build an armored suit after a life-threatening incident, he ultimately decides to use its technology to fight against evil. 

Well guess what?  IT ALMOST MADE ME CRY. YEAH. I have NO idea why, it's not even a SAD movie. It wasn't when he was kidnapped by terrorists, that didn't make me sad or weepy. It was... when he was flying in the air... with two fighter jets after him?? I have NO idea why, the only reason I have is that I'm a weird pregnant lady who gets teary eyed over flying Iron Men. I mean, most of the movie was about a wealthy playboy genius who becomes... Iron Man. Lol. I had to turn it off and I was just like, what the hell Christine. You loser.

Yeah. THAT made me cry. How embarrassing.
 Ah well. Whoa it's 11:30 I should get to bed, I have a doc appointment tomorrow! Which I'm not looking forward to... siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. It's such a hassle going there! Especially with a baby! Oh well, we gotta do what we gotta do. :) If life were a never ending down-hill ride, it'd be pretty boring, right?

I have some pictures but unfortunately not very many! I just haven't been taking as many photos because a) my phone is a jerk and b) I actually haven't had my phone on me much lately because c) oops I dropped it and the bottom part of the phone cracked.. a little bit... and this is the second phone. EEP. Don't tell Josh, he'll kill me!

Love you family! Good night!

Oh hey, I guess I do have a lot of pics to share! (Well, more than I realized!)


Silly girl!

                                                        Doesn't she look so big now?!

Haha she had fun rocking it by herself.

                                                   Hey Ma, this is my favorite turtle!

Yep he's all mine.

Hey mom do you mind if I get into ALLLLLL of your stuff?! No? Cool!
Oh  distracted by Woody!

Okay here I go, getting into everything. Don't look mom!

What? You're telling me no?! Why?! 

LOL that pout!! Awww come on mommy, you're mean.

Lol that dangling cheerio!

Sheesh, her and that card.

                I would just like to sit in the corner by my basket, thinking my baby thoughts.

                                        Mom ya think I can dig a hole to China from here?

Sigh... this happens every time I turn around.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. And this.

Oh geeze. Yep, tornado Cam.

SIGH. Cam! You troublemaker!

                                  Cam had a very snotty nose for a couple days. Aww! Lol.
Turtle Cam?

                                                        Hey mom, wanna see me be a turtle?


Aww! She was carrying around that owl but then she abandoned it for a hair brush. Lol.

                                                                   Such a pretty lady!

I joked to Josh how she was "reading a note from her boyfriend" and he was like "Uh, I don't think so!"
Poor Cam is going to have trouble when she's a teenager... dad won't be very accommodating as far as boyfriends are concerned! Lol.


Awwwwww she ran up to me and wanted to cuddle. *sniffle* I love this girl.


Ha! Cozy?

                                 Oh no no no no. We cannot be having little monkeys around here.
                                                                    Absolutely NOT!

                                                    Obligatory belly update pictures. Lol.

Hi Baby #2!!!!

                                                 Awwwwwwwwww. She was a sad lady. :(

                                                       Blocks! Lol her face when she knocks them over.
                                                                She loves her villainy.


                                                    Desoto was coloring with us!! Lol.
                                         He just HAD to color the unicorns and kittens too.
Right Cam?

She was carrying around that tea pot ALLLL morning long! And well into the afternoon!

And on that note, I was watching some early videos of Cam, one in particular where she couldn't really move or crawl, but was laying on her belly. And her immobility was so cute, but also made me feel soooooooo sad. Like wow, I can't believe that was Cam! I can't believe THIS toddler who is running around getting into things, climbing things, trying to talk, running into my arms, running away from the tickle monster etc... THAT'S the same baby?!!?

It's unbelievable. Little moments like that really floor me and really, really appreciate life and our lives in general. I watched that video earlier today and I still just can't believe it.

Love you, Cam.


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