Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just wanted to share a photo that I love...

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Making this short, cause I have a ton of stuff to prepare for! It's Josh's birthday tomorrow. AHHHHHHHHH. Have I even wrapped all of his presents?! I think I have... but I've gotten to the point where I have to hide things in random places and about 80% of the time I forget where I hide them... lol.

Anyway, this is the photo that I love:

It makes me so teary eyed! What a poignant, heart wrenching photo. I remember all my favorite toys I had when I was a kid... where are they now? I wonder if when my parents donated them if they wound up making another child happy, or if they just wound up in a landfill. Well, I'm getting off topic I guess, since this photo immediately reminded me of Desoto and Camilla. I have a very sad feeling that I will be the one waving goodbye to Desoto as he and Camilla start on their own adventures. I know as she gets older she will be more interested in playing with him. And he with her, he already joins us in her room, or hell, even in the bathroom when I'm giving her a bath. He just has to be in on the action every single time. They'll eventually play chase, tag, fetch, and the things I did with my childhood dog. There is something very special about childhood and growing alongside your dog. Our first dog, Prince, we probably got him when I was around 6 or 7. He was such a great dog. We actually rescued him as a puppy from the bushes of a busy street next to a church. I played all kinds of games with him and he was my best friend... I even remember one time Sandra came over, I pushed her because I didn't want to share playing with him. Lol. I particularly remember playing lava monster with him and I would run all over the yard and he would chase me, and I would climb on top of cars to get away from the lava monster... my parents weren't too happy with that game, lol.

I definitely think one of the best things about having Cam is that I'll get to relive childhood a little bit. I'll get to watch her use her imagination to the fullest, watch her grow up with Desoto by her side, and listen to the tall tales she'll come up with. Or get into trouble, as all children tend to do. I can't wait.

Oops, I was going to make this a short post... but now I'm getting all nostalgic and teary eyed! I better get out of here now before I start singing my favorite Disney songs!

Sometimes... this is how we nap.

You got it dude!


Haha she always seems so amazed when near him.

"You better share that with me, dog!" Something I will have to teach Camilla when she is older that is very important is that not all dogs will let you touch their toys or food and that a dog she is unfamiliar with should have boundaries. I don't worry about Desoto at all, but you never know about a stranger dog coming into the yard, or a dog on the street, etc.

Well hi beautiful lady!

Doing mom's work, she's such a slacker.

Look how different we look Lol.

Who needs to sit down to play? Not miss Camilla!

She loves her Dracula doll.

omg, the look on the left... not sure how to describe that one lol.

I may have posted this one already but she's so cute with her LapPup!

Hello blogland!

Desoto says: SnOOOooooOOoooOre! ZzzZZZZzzzZz.




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