Monday, April 1, 2013

Terrible News... :( (and Easter!)

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 We didn't get the house. :(

Someone came along and put a better offer on the table, so we didn't get it.

 The crappiest thing is, the builders okay'd this AFTER our mortgage was approved... so does that mean we're out our loan?! We're getting totally screwed here it feels like...

What the hell do we do?!?!




Sorry, but I just HAD to!!! That was probably mean, but I'm rolling with laughter over here... I hope I didn't just jinx us with this jerk of a prank!! Oh, karma's going to get me later, I'm sure!

Okay, so the big secret's out! Well, sort of. Pretty much both sides of our family know... that we're... BUYING A HOUSE!!! EEEEEEEEEP!!! It's scary, it's exciting, it's nerve racking, my mind is constantly racing with all the things we need to do... but it will be worth it. We will own something, build equity, and when we pack up and move, find some lovely people to rent out. Hopefully, anyway. My hopes are good, and I know we can do this. I think I have a pretty good sense. Well, sometimes. Sometimes I'm flat out stupid, but nothing in my gut tell me to run away from this. When we were looking at two story homes I didn't want to originally admit to Josh that inside, something was telling me no. That along with everything I'd read and despite the realtor denying it, that a two story would be harder to rent out, not to mention maintenance and power would also be more expensive. On top of a mortgage that would be a wee bit more expensive, too. Josh didn't put an ultimatum on me or anything. He's such a great guy. He just said, 'I'll buy whichever house you want, just keep those things in mind.' At first I was like, I get the huge burden of picking the house?! But when I REALLY thought about it... it was a no brainer.

I realized, Christine, you're being foolish. This isn't your dream home. This is a first home, and one that will eventually be rented out. You want a two story for all the wrong reasons, and you're being very selfish. Do you have any gut warnings with the homes in Trimmier Estates?

And I didn't! The two homes we looked at in Trimmier immediately impressed me. Plus the price tag and the fact it was brand new was extra delicious frosting on the cake.. so it's official...ish! The house is under contract, we're just waiting for the closing process and for all the ducks to be in a row... the only thing that can stop this is if financing falls through, but everyone involved said that that would be as likely as aliens invading our planet. So, unless the skies start to fill with spaceships, this is happening, everyone! I hope my writing a blog post about this does't jinx it either.... hehe.

The pros for this house and there are many... is that for the nice price (cheaper than many of the homes we looked at) this house is completely brand new, built by an established builder, and the kitchen... oh that kitchen! Stainless steel everything with stainless steel fridge, an ISLAND (oh *faints*) 4/5 bedrooms (but I'm stealing one to make my office, and Josh too), and a nice big yard for Desoto. We loved these houses compared to the other builder's (Ashford) we looked at, and these homes seemed better constructed and more sound. I fell in love with the errmmm what do you call it? The er, bits.. and pieces... of the bathrooms. I cannot for the life of me recall what the hell I'm talking about, I can't find the word in my brain! Lol. The faucets and the errrr bathroom... things... were black and had a very beautiful antique-y vibe to them. Everything just looked good. This house just seemed like "the one." The neighborhood is great too -- not next to a busy street, and the times we were there scoping out the house, the neighborhood was nice and quiet. Another interesting note? The house is on Libra Drive! I'M A LIBRA! That sounds like I'm just grasping at straws, but I thought it was pretty cool. Lol.

So yes, we absolutely have house fever and we wished we could move RIGHT NOW!!! Lol. We're mildly satisfying the moving itch by rounding up some boxes and packing the little things here and there...we should be moved in by the time Josh's mom and dad come visit! We probably definitely won't be moved in 100% but at least they get to bask in the glory of the new house and get to see it before Desoto stinks it up with his Doberman farts! Yippeee!!!

Can you tell I'm just barfing with excitement?! But I should calm down before I have a heart attack... I guess I can talk about Easter now. :)

Yesterday was Easter! Obviously. We had a good relaxing day... I don't think I did much except for do the baskets with Cam and Josh, and Josh made nachos, mmm! Well, he made nachos and then I woke up and was like where's my nachos?! And then he made me some. Lol. Camilla was actually very tired during the basket celebration. Literally right afterwards, she fell asleep. But she loved her new stuff! She loved pulling out her new loot of toys and especially loved throwing them at me, and pulling out the Easter grass and flinging them to the side, oh and she definitely loved her new romper outfit I got her... she was so happy with that she immediately threw it on the floor! Oh I love this baby and how she shows her appreciation and love. <3 Lol.

Here are some pictures of our Easter. :)

Oh! Grandma Sue and Grandpa Den, thank you so much for sending Camilla an Easter Basket. :) And Grandpa Frank, thank you for sending a card and Easter money for Cam! So thoughtful and lovely of all of you! 

Thank you so much Grandma Sue and Grandpa Den!!!!

More things! Lol.

Easter outfit. <3

Those little feeties make me wanna cry!

Oooh egg.

This stuff is weird, ma.

Second basket, yippee!

This bunny isn't as cool as the one Grandma and Grandpa sent me.

Present time?


Velveteen Rabbit, thanks ma!

What the heck is this outfit?! Meh. *immediately throws to floor*

And this is the face of, "Fuck this headband, I need a nap!"

She was in a better mood after the nap. :)

 Lesson learned... if Camilla is close to naptime, don't do any special Holiday celebrating yet. Lol.


Anonymous said...

OMG Christine!!! you had me fooled until i looked down ROFL!!! you are a meanie so excited for you though love you lots!!

Calli (:

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