Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's official...

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When Cam gets older, Desoto (or any other big dog we have) is sleeping in her room. Period.

Why? Because last night I made myself sick with reading news stories about kids being abducted from their bedrooms! What the heck is going on with this world?!

While I was reading these terrifying stories, I was in her room (and she was finally winding down), I heard voices. Mind you, it was 12:45 A.M. and I peeked out the blinds, couldn't make out anything, but there were a couple people hanging out in the street. I couldn't see them very well as it was almost 1 am and it was very dark,  but I heard them. They were probably just dumbass punk teenagers, but it still creeped me out a ton. Especially when I saw a car across the street suddenly flash its lights twice and then go dark.

It's dark outside, so I could not make out how many people were just randomly hanging out in the street, but the fact that they were near-ish Cam's window gave me the heebie jeebies! I immediately called Desoto into the room. A few seconds passed before he too heard their voices, and then he started barking and went directly toward the window. Cam was off in her own world.. playing with her toys and getting sleepy, but that's exactly what I wanted to happen was for Desoto to know about the weirdos lingering outside. Lol.

He then paced a few times before planting himself in front of me and Cam.

His guard stance, if you will.
Anyway, I know I say this a lot, but having him around is a relief. I even went to turn the front light on, I opened the door, and made him bark 3 times. He was in alert mode, meaning his barks were crazy loud. And scary. But I made sure those punks heard him, before I closed and locked up again. I went back and checked the street and after awhile it was back to silence. I'm not sure who or what exactly was going on in the street at 12:45 friggin AM, but I'm glad they went away. I'm probably just overreacting and it probably was just stupid kids... but you never know, and I don't think it hurts to be a little vigilant. Phew. Creeped me out though! I would have woken Josh, but I always feel bad for waking him up, especially for something that probably wasn't too big of a deal. That's what Desoto is for anyway, right?! Lol.

Happy birthday to Josh!

Well, his birthday was yesterday, but we were busy celebrating so there was no time for a post heehee. I don't want to admit this, but I was in a very very grouchy mood. The night prior I didn't get much sleep, + Cam was so very cranky for much of the day. On top of me screwing up the first cake (Josh requested a strwberry cake) so I went to the nearest store to see if I could get another strawbery box cake, and they were out! So I fumed my way home with Camilla (who was grouchy in the store, too) which made for one exhausted and crabby mama. I wish I could be Mary Poppins all the time, but yesterday I was just dead beat.

But I got over myself eventually, because it was Josh's day. And he loved his presents, and he ended up having two cakes! So yay! Lol. I got him a box of coffee kcups, a couple t-shirts (one that says Vandelay Industries from Seinfeld, hahaha), some funny Russia memorabilia, pants, and some misc stuffs! My sister and Derek got him a bunch of funny stuff, and my dad sent him a card and so did his parents! He was happy... at least I hope he was! Lol. I totally screwed up the dinner part because I'm the kind of person that will procrastinate dinner unless I plan the week in advance. And I'd been so busy with Camilla (she's really kept me on her toes) that I had nothing planned! I think all this house stuff is just really jumbling my brain up, that and Cam.

Desoto had a good time!

There aren't any other pictures except for the ugliest cake in the world.... lol and a couple random shots of the cake #2 which still wasn't that pretty, but oh well! Lol. Picture taking is annoying currently because the iphone I'm using is one of the older models where you have to email yourself the photos one by one... urgh I need to fix my phone ASAP! I don't like this phone!!!!!!

 Also... Josh got some updated paperwork about the house! It looks like the mortgage with be $1045! The numbers still aren't exact, except for the the house payment which is like $675, or something like that (it was 600-something, I forget hehe) and then whatever the insurance would be (which Josh doesn't think will be much at all) and then the property taxes. WOOHOO!!!!!

Can we get outta here now?!?!?! Lol. I've packed like 4 boxes. Even Josh is like, "God, I can't wait to get out of this stupid house!" ME TOOOOOOO!!!!

Lots of love to you all! Thanks for sticking around with us!

My two loves. :)

Mmm feet!

Cutie patootie!

The two ugliest cakes there ever were. :)

Want to hear something really funny? Remember that owl plush I made? Well, we were all in Cam's room and she was playing with her things. She grabbed her owl, and Josh looks at it and says, "How'd you make that? Is that... like stitched?"

I was like... "Uh, no, I stapled it together! What do YOU think?" LOL. I laughed so much, even though I was a little insulted. Sorry I suck at sewing, sheesh!!


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