Friday, April 12, 2013

The Outside world, part 2. ;)

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Today was a very sunny day. After the past week of grey, rainy skies (much like Washington, *sniff sniff*) I think this weather has finally decided it's time to turn warmer. Since it was sunny, I decided that we all could hang out together outside for awhile, soaking up the sun, and me being paranoid of bugs. (seriously, how am I EVER going to plant stuff if I'm such a wimp over bugs?)

I grabbed an old blanket and set us all up outside. Cam is funny, she looked quite perturbed the whole time. She didn't seem to like the sun all that much, and the breeze that came around now and then really confused her. She definitely didn't like that. Haha. And Desoto? Well...

He had a great time showing off. As usual.

I sat behind Cam, blocking her from direct sunlight. I could tell she wasn't having the best time (now that I think about it, it was pretty damn bright outside), but she calmed down haha. It took a minute for her to be okay with me not holding her, but when I handed her a few blades of grass and a green shrub thingy, she went into instant curiosity mode. She loves inspecting things and turning things over and over in her hands. What a cutie! :) I probably should've brought a few toys outside with us... silly me.

She was definitely not that impressed. Lol.                                                                 

And Desoto wanted to join the blanket fun. Meanwhile, the annoying neighbor dog straight across from us kept barking at us. At least Desoto doesn't do that! Geeze. At first he did when they first moved back into that house, but he doesn't anymore. Ooooh, I have a couple more great photos of the De and Cam that I will share later in this post... heehee. I love taking photos of them! Anyway, we didn't last long outside, the sun beat down on me and it was uncomfortable. I was surprised it wasn't that humid, but I was like alright sun! That's all I can stand of you! Then we all huffed back inside. :)

Tonight, me and Cam also had a LOT of fun with... a box!  Who knew something so ordinary and plain could garner so much fun? Cam was all smiles as she "drove" around the house in the box. The box even went "BEEP BEEP" as she turned, and made robot noises as she rounded corners and even ran into daddy's feet! *snicker* That's one fun, magical box. It must run on magic... or mommy's sweat. Phew!


"Why you stop?"

"WHEEEEE!" (I love her cutie face!!!!)

At first I just pushed her back and forth in the main room; then we ventured out around the rest of the house and did some laps. Josh was even laughing at her reactions. When I was about to keel over and die (because I am soooooooo out of shape lol) she stood up and seemed so content haha. When I said, "Okay lady, let's get you out of there." She didn't want to come out! Uh oh, what have I started?!

In house news, we are going to call tomorrow about scheduling an inspection and appraisal for the house!!! Woohoo! In bad house news, meaning THIS house we are currently in, the house air conditioner seems to have gone... to heck. And there is a very odd smell in the vents. I was like um, we're not going to blow up are we?! Josh assured me we weren't, but this totally sucks. This has to happen NOW in the middle of everything else going on? Good grief. Ah well... you know what they say about Murphy's Law. Damn you Murphy! Haha.

So.. this post has been kinda all over the place! But that was basically my day... all over the place. Looking so forward to tomorrow morning and Sunday morning.. the mornings I get to sleep in a little bit. I am going to be so bummed when Josh is gone for his schooling becase a) we won't get to see him for a few months b) I will get literally ZERO breaks and ZERO sleeping in time and c) it sucks not having him around!!! and d) HE WON'T BE HERE!!! Boohooo!!! But that's still a little ways off, and I need to go tuck that sad thought into a corner to forget about... for now.

Alas, I will share more pics of the past week... or few days... or however long it has been since the last post lol. I share so many pics and have been updating so often, I never  remember the time span between the posts, hehe! LOTS of daddy and daughter moments!

Here dad, let me help with dishes. Don't you love how she's looking up at him? My heart melted.

We gave her a bit of vanilla frosting to try and she loved it lol.


Ohhh look at that happy face!

Hello, blogland!

That smile. <3

Twins! Lol.
No no no, these won't do at all, ma!
I swear he's like her secret service or something.
She toppled back onto her butt and he licked her head. Lol.
Window buddies. I don't like the look of that random person walking around, mom.

Guarding? Haha.

Can I use you to lean and hold myself up?

The LapPup started randomly speaking and Desoto was like, what the heck?!??
                             Bye everybody, we love you!!

       Excited to hang up this guy in my new office!
                    Isn't he cute? Lol. ;)


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