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Evolving, the worst bank ever, and vegetables.

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Well, I think the spider menace is gone... for now. I haven't seen hide, nor hair, nor any of 8 spindly legs of huge hairy spiders. THANK GOODNESS! Last night, Josh and I were playing on the floor with Camilla (and she was running in circles pushing the seat of her sit and spin) and it was very hilarious despite fearing a demon spider would suddenly jump on me. Lol. Luckily that did not happen.

Camilla is so funny! She was having such a blast just pushing her seat in circles and when she'd near the keyboard, she'd push buttons, look at Josh, then kept on running. When Josh got up to go to bed, before he did so, he kissed her a bunch of times on her cheek and face and she was soooooooo giggly and smiley! I've never seen that before when Josh kissed her good night. It was the sweetest thing, and my heart melted all over again. She kept giggling and giggling every time and when he inched closer to her she would look at him and start smiling, cause she knew what was coming. I was like OH MY GOSH, I WISH I HAD MY PHONE TO RECORD THIS! Haha. *sigh* So sweet.

So... evolving... I often think about how vastly your life changes when you have a kid, but I honestly didn't think it would change this much. Change for the better, anyway. I thought well, another family member which means more love, more happiness, more expenses (haha), and so on... but it really is more than that. When some of my friends had kids, I'll  be honest. I didn't really think much at all. I though oh cool, they have a baby. Big whoop. But it really is one of those things where it won't mean anything. You won't exactly know until you are in that same boat. I know it's cliche to say, but I have definitely changed and am evolving for the much, much, much better. I used to not care or put much thought to the future, finances and otherwise. I didn't really have much motive for many things, and I was very selfish. I always thought, well Josh makes enough, do I really need to make more money? We have enough... or so I thought.

Cam has changed all. of. that.

She really is my muse. I mean, I started a shop for fun... but really, what's driving me to work really hard at it and market and all the extra stuff is her. The reason I continue to stock my shop like crazy is not because I want to make a lot of money for me and Josh, but I want her to have what she'll need, and some of what she'll want (not to over spoil her or anything like that) by padding our future. I want her to have a college fund if she chooses to go to college, or money to start her own ventures. If she wants to go to art school hey guess what, there will be money for her. If she wants to go to a four year, or a technical college, it will be there for her. If she wants to open up a brick and mortar shop and work hard to put herself out there, that's what it would be there for. I find it somewhat funny when people say 'well, money isn't everything', and while that is true, there is only so much you can do without it. This is the world we live in, and you have to be prepared.

Part of the reason I wasn't a college bound type kid was first and foremost, school bored me. I thought they were molding me into someone that I didn't want to be. I wanted to be a writer. I've read and listened to writers and authors that have spoken against going to college for their craft. Being an editor, publisher, that's a whole different subject, but to write itself.. from all I've read, it's not necessary. My creative writing teacher was very meh about the stories and writing I came up with, but what did he know? He may have been the writing teacher, but last I checked he had never been published in his life. My Law teacher however, said I had a gift for writing and that I should pursue it, and even told my parents at my conference. I was so proud of myself. She was a very hardened teacher, very hard to impress. I chose to listen to her and run with it. The second reason, there was no college money for me. I had no way of paying for it, and I wasn't the perfect student, so I probably would've been denied any scholarship I'd have tried for. I really think school systems should change... they make it far too easy for those that could already get into college with very little help, and a treacherous mountain for kids that really could use the scholarships, and really do need that boost for their future, but I digress. I'm speaking in generalities, that's not always the case but I've seen it play out that way too often.

Anyway, I'm just rambling now... but yes, I am evolving, and probably will continue evolving. It's weird, but cool that my priorities have changed. I want the best for my baby girl and she's the reason why I work so darn hard. :) If it even gives her the littlest, slightest, leg up in the world, then I'll be happy. Thank you Camilla,  for making me become a better person. All my hard work in my shop and writing with the microblogs.. that's all for you, little lady. <3

Oh. On that note about her savings account, I actually had to close it because CHASE BANK is the most horrible, disgusting, bank I've EVER dealt with. They have fees for EVERYTHING and before I could even get a grasp on the situation, they had taken out quite a bit for stupid fees. They probably charge a fee for breathing in their office. I had to nip that bud. I will be opening a new account for her with our normal bank (USAA) silly me, I guess, for trying to branch out a little. *sigh* I would advise you to run, not walk, if you are even considering Chase. They will not let you pass go, they will not let you collect $200. Lol. If I could get away with it, I'd have Desoto crap on all their buildings! (I wish.) 

Now... let's talk about vegetables... I dislike most vegetables. In fact, I only very recently started to like broccoli. How sad is that? I have the PERFECT most diabolical plan though. I was eating some chicken pot pie... and I made Camilla eat all of my vegetables! Mwahahahaha! How perfect is this?! Lol. It'll be harder to convince her in the future to eat them... I'll probably have to fake liking them. *sigh* poor Desoto, I used to make him eat my vegetables, now all he gets are his kibble and treats and occasionally, pineapple. ;)

Gosh she is sooooooooo beautiful!



Her new thing: pointing and using her pointer finger to touch stuff! Oh, and trying to pick my nose!

:) She looks so grumpy lol.

Baby and dog sleeping on me. :)

We went and spied on the house again! We saw the island! More on that in the next post! :)

Also, I can't believe what happened in Boston. :( Sick, sick people out there. Camilla, you aren't allowed to grow up!!!


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