Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's Tuesday, but I've still got a bad case of the Mondays.

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I have been sooooooooo cranky. And tired. Camilla's sleeptime schedule isn't changing, but mine is and I have no idea why. The past week and on Sunday night, I just could NOT SLEEP AT AAAAALLLL. I would literally just lay there completely wide awake, no matter how hard I tried to sleep. *sigh* Sunday night I was still awake when Josh got up and got ready for work.. and I finally fell asleep a couple hours later, like 7 a.m. I have been limiting my coffee to see if this is the reason why, but so far... I have no idea. I think maybe it's the thousands of things going on and the stress that coincides with it. I won't be surprised if I wake up tomorrow and all my hair has fallen out. I think I may be going mad!

Today is a wee bit better, but I still feel like a zombie. I started the coffee and forgot to put my mug in there... which means coffee went everywhere, sigh. Then an enormous brown spider scurried across the floor at the speed of lightning, and I screamed.  That woke me up. It sped by crazy fast, but not fast enough to avoid being stomped on. Sorry spider, I like your species, but not when you're crawling on the floor where my baby plays. *shudder*

I think I just wanna get out of here. This house is having a "The Shining" effect on me... except I will definitely not be Jack Nicholson. Lol. I'm not THAT far gone. I think I just need a nap! Josh always offers to let me nap when he gets home, but I have to refuse because napping at 6-7 pm will just make it harder for me to fall asleep later. Oy! Motherhood can be rough!

 In other news... there isn't much news. Lol. We drove by the house the other day and Josh peeped in and saw that they had put in the awesome blinds! Yay! He didn't see the island yet, but they must be building that offsite. I'm so excited! I wish I had the energy to do more packing and prep stuff, but I'm pretty drained. I'm sure you all can tell by this blog that I'm not that chipper... and I don't mean to be an Eeyore! Haha.

Shoot... Mother's Day is coming up. Josh is funny, he always racks his brain wondering what to get me. I can tell he gets stressed out wanting to find me something perfect, something that I'll love. But I think I'll just print this out and put it on his desk...

YES! That doesn't also just describe a perfect Mother's Day Gift, it would also be stellar for birthdays, Valentines, Christmas, 4th of July, Colombus Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Saturday...... and so on. Lol. I saw that picture and laughed so much, because it is so damn true!

Camilla is getting her top teeth! Did I say that? I think I did say that... but I kinda of got a picture. Kind of. Her teeth are hard to capture! (That sounds weird.)

I love this little lady so much! :) Even when I'm a tired zombie! She loooooves looking out the windows and tapping on the glass. Or raking her fingers over stuff, haha. It's so adorable. She gets into these funny babbling spells that are impossible to resist! It sounds an awful lot like: "Brahhhbrahhhhhbwahhh bwah bwah mamamamamama bwab bwab bwab!" or "Mommmommommm mammaaa maaaa muhh muhh muhh!" And I'm like, "Yes! Cam! Mama! Mama! Can you say mama?"

And then she goes quiet. When we're in her room and I'm trying to read her stories, she quickly loses interest haha. Unless she can tear at the pages, she'd rather be doing something else, but there are times where she'll stop what she's doing and watch intently as I read a few pages. I think she's just interested in the sounds that are coming out of my mouth. One night while I was trying to read her "Tales of Mr. Pengachoosa", she wouldn't have any of that. She left the room, mid-page turn! Lol. How rude!!

Here are some more photos of our pretty lady. :)


"Okay mom, that's as close as you can get to Camilla. She's playing right now, go away." Lol.

Doofie boy. :)

Hahaha, she is fascinated by his crate.

I let Camilla sit in the big girl chair for a second and....

Desoto is right next to me, looking a little worried.

"I don't think this is a good idea, mom."

Haha, she looks like, "It's okay ma, I got this. I'm a big girl."
Snuggled in my hair lol.
Not sure how this is comfortable but okay Cam, lol.


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