Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Exciting News!

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I'm still laughing over the April Fools joke I pulled in the last post. :) Sorry if I truly scared anyone! Lol. Although I will say that karma DID get me... my phone died and wouldn't turn on, so I had to use a different phone (which has zero messages/contact numbers/etc) and have to use it now! Poooooo!! Oh well, at least I saved all the pictures before it went kersplat.

BUT exciting news! Some more news about the house! Josh talked with our mortgage loan dude and he said that we're locked into an outstanding rate. Josh originally thought our mortgage would be maybe around 1200-1300.

Our current rent: $1050.
What's our mortgage rate looking like it's going to be? Around $1060. Maybe $1100 at most, but that's pushing it.

That includes insurance, property taxes, and everything else. WOW! Can you say awesome?! Josh was raving about how fantastic this is pulling together and so excited that our mortgage is pretty darn low, which means whenever we rent it out we would be pulling in a little profit to cover our butts, and etc. Exciting!! And seriously, this house we are renting now is $1050 and the house itself is nothing to sneeze at... it's only 1447 sq ft and I feel like it gets smaller every day! I wanna get outta here already! Lol. Gosh, it will be so nice to just sit in a house we know is ours and love it and care for it, really put some thought into decorating and planting. I want to plant pumpkins! And flowers! Too bad I kill every plant I've ever had... (I'm sure you've all seen the miserable looking spider plant lurking in the background of some pictures) but maybe Sue can teach me some pointers when she's here. :)

Josh has also been doing random drive bys of the house just to drool at our future home, and I must admit I've wanted to drive by it once or twice... if the house were a human it'd issue a restraining order against us! We're obsessed!

Well, I guess that's the only new development in the closing of the house process. But damnit, we're excited hehe. I'm very VEEEEEEEEEERY excited to set up my office. I even picked out a cool Doberman artsy picture out that I've chosen as a wall centerpiece. Haha. I'm a dork. :) If only Desoto knew what will be going on in a month's time... mwahaha. He'll be happy too.

Anyway! I know that's not very much for news, but we were happy to find out. Camilla has been driving me crazy today... she is ALL over the place and I can't get a thing done, but ah well. ;) Her new favorite thing to do is bang a pot with a couple wooden spoons. I'm pretty sure her and Desoto are starting a band...

See? :D

Mom, I don't approve of this "music".

Awww she looks worried.See that little bruise? She got herself in the face with one of the toys on her sit and spin! Eeesh!


I pet you now Mr. Doggy.

Ma, he feels WEIRD.

I love my family! :D I am so GRATEFUL!!!!


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